Reasons for Selecting Nursing as a Career

I “fell in love” with nursing when I observed nurses taking care of the sick and understood the importance of this service to humanity. The nurses were caring, loving and were always ready to offer assistance whenever it was required of them to do so. The care and support they gave to the sick and the helpless inspired me in a great way and I vowed to become a nurse and take good care of my patients. After this experience I thought deeply about my decision and I realized that I can only be truly happy serving the sick in this way. I have always had a heart to help those in need as well as to serve in whichever capacity in the society.

As a mother of three I can attest that serving my family has produced the happiest moments in my life. There is a joy in being a servant and being a nurse is perhaps the highest calling in servant hood. Throughout my life I have enjoyed serving and most of my friends could always tell me that I could make a very good health care provider owing to my ability to offer love and care to all without partiality. After realizing that I was very persevering and that I had a high energy level of patience, the attributes that most of the nursing staff posses I felt that nothing could stop me form becoming a nurse.

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I also have excellent communication skills, sensory and motor coordination and high capacity to make valid observations. As a mother of three beautiful children I have experienced the benefits of nurses and thus I have the same desire to have a direct impact on the personal lives of people especially the vulnerable (women, children and the sick). As a nurse I feel will make a real difference in people’s everyday life. In school I performed very well in sciences especially chemistry and biology which are the major requirements for admission in a nursing school. This was demonstrated in the way I performed in my practical in the laboratory.

I could make slides and make observations in a microscope and provide the necessary inferences. In addition in school I was an excellent speaker where I participated very well in school debates and motions and I always convinced the instructors and fellow students. Generally with my great desire to serve and care for the sick and the vulnerable, nursing is one of the few careers in which I will fulfill my dreams of impacting directly to the life of individuals and with the aging and growing population worldwide this is the only as good a time as any for me to meet the needs of many people.

Above all I believe that I will use my skills to give advice to the patients on how to manage their ailments, how to take their drugs both in hospital as well as at home and also I will talk to them on the importance of a good diet even when one is sick. I believe that I have all that it takes to become the best care giver once am given the chance. It is clear that the sick and those who require specialized care will always be with us. I therefore feel confident that as a nurse, my services will remain relevant and impactful with never ending opportunities of touching people’s lives in a very special way.