Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University Mid-La Union Campus College of Technical Education Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education Action research REASONS in DOING ACTION RESEARCH Action research deals with your problem, not someone else. Second action research is very timely – it can start now – or whenever you’re ready – and provides immediate results. Third, action research provides educators with opportunities to better understand and therefore improve their educational practices.

Fourth, as a process, action research can also promote the building of stronger relationships among colleagues with whom we work. It also provides the educators with alternative ways of viewing and approaching educational question and problems and with new ways of examining our educational practices. Another reason of doing action research is that we need to examine students’ preconceptions for effective teaching strategies. It is through joint research studies that science instruction in the schools will improve, and we need to make a great effort in this regard.

Action Research (AR) represents a growing field of educational research whose chief identifying characteristic is the recognition of the pragmatic requirements of educational practitioners for organized reflective inquiry into classroom instruction. Action research is an process designed to empower all participants in the educational process (students, instructors and other parties) with the means to improve the practices conducted within the educational experience.

By doing action Research we could contribute to the practical concerns of people in an immediate problematic situation and to the goals of social science by joint collaboration within a mutually acceptable ethical framework. Action Research is a form of self-reflective enquiry undertaken by participants in social (including educational) situations in order to improve the rationality and justice of (a) their own social or educational practices, (b) their understanding of these practices, and (c) the situations in which the practices are carried out. It is most rationally empowering when undertaken by participants collaboratively… ometimes in cooperation with outsiders. The action research framework is most appropriate for participants who recognize the existence of shortcomings in their educational activities and who would like to adopt some initial stance in regard to the problem, formulate a plan, carry out an intervention, evaluate the outcomes and develop further strategies in an iterative fashion (Hopkins, 1993). In short, action research is characterized by those constraints and strengths given a research methodology intended to be a workable technique for working classroom teachers PARTS OF AN ACTION RESEARCH 1.

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Front flyleaf (blank page) 2. Title page (see Appendix III) 3. Certification page (see Appendix IV) 4. Disclaimer page (see Appendix V) 5. Permission page (see Appendix VI) 6. Dedication page (optional) 7. Abstract 8. Table of contents 9. List of tables 10. List of figures or illustrations 11. Text, including the following components (components may be modified based on consultation with your first and second readers): a. Extended literature review (approximately 10-20 pages) b. Purpose c. Method d. Results e. Conclusions f. Discussion 12. References 13. Appendices 14. Back flyleaf (blank page)


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