Reasons to Finish College

Finishing college for every young men and women is very important because it is the final step towards starting a better life. Finishing a Higher education course today is a necessity amidst the challenge of globalization and the trend it is setting among every society which is based on information and competitiveness. Indeed, success today is achieved through being competitive and being well informed individual. The road to finishing college however is not as easy as most of us imagine.

Entering in to college is not a privilege of any one that all that one needs to do is simply go to the registrar’s office, inquire about the desired course, then proceed to cashier and pay for the tuition fees. There are some considerations that one must pass before finally admitted for enrollment. First, is the college entrance examination given by the College Board, wherein the result is sent to the school the student intends to apply. The student has to satisfy also the admission criteria required by most colleges and universities.

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Second is the financial consideration. It is a known fact that cost of education in the USA and else where is high. Although there are many financial resources available, such as applying for scholarship and other grants or loans, but they usually require maintaining scholastic performance, this means hard studies. Finishing college education means hard studies because obtaining good grades are as difficult as climbing up a stiff hill. One really needs to exert much effort, spend a great deal of time, and a lot of money to be able to finish a four years course.

Further more, one really needs to overcome boredom, the influence of negative habits, and every circumstance surrounding the students’ life that may adversely affect their studying patterns all throughout the four years period. The high cost of education also adds pressure because not every student can easily afford the financial requirements needed for a four year degree course. Most newly high school graduates who plan to attend college after graduation often find their plans frustrated. Unmet financial needs are usually the main cause of dropping from college.

Thus, a student who is not determined to finish his or her studies regardless of its physical, emotional, and financial consequences could hardly finish higher education course. However, the benefits of finishing a college course far out weight the difficulty completing it. It is the final step towards achieving a better future. The reasons to finish college course therefore promises enormous opportunities for those would be able to hurdle the difficult road towards college graduation. Listed below are the reasons of the need to finish college education. To accomplish what parents desired

It is usual for every parent to send their children to school all the way to college so long as the family finances would permit it. It is a common dream of every parent not just to send their children to school but to be able to provide them the best education possible. They work so hard to earn money just to make sure the pressing financial demand not only for the everyday needs of the family, but the children’s school needs too, is met. They unselfishly spend a great deal of their strength and effort even sometimes sacrificing their own personal happiness just to insure that they are on the right track towards achieving their goal.

That is, their desire to provide better future for their children through supporting them in all their needs. Their only wish is that their children study hard and be able to finish college. Of course, the benefits of finishing a college course will greatly shape the future life because it will enable the college graduate to obtain a good and high paying job. It will also help put up business and to manage that business well. His credibility in managing business can be easily recognized by others who might be encouraged to invest money which will help business grow and expand.

For personal improvement, and competitiveness Finishing a higher education course or a college degree does not only promise a better future. It also ascertains personal improvements and competitiveness. The globalization that is fast linking every society in the world via the use of high technology demands everyone to be competitive. Those less informed or less educated, is most likely to be left behind as competition is eminent and it is picking up to its highest level. Therefore those who have finished a college course will have an edge and they can participate well in the world of business where competition is tough.

They can improve themselves not only in the intellectual aspect of their being, but also socially, and economically as finishing a college course open doors for more opportunities and intellectual improvements. While college graduation is the culmination of the four years of academic struggle, it is also the beginning of far brighter horizon. For economic gains Whether one pursue further study after finishing college or not, a college graduate can definitely have an advantage economically. To gain better employment would be pretty easier as there are more good opportunities for those who have completed four years degree course.

They can easily avail of high paying job that corresponds to their profession. The economic benefit of finishing college is always knocking at the door whereas, they are hardly sought by those who are not college graduate but they rarely find one. These reasons are sufficient motivation for every college student to strive hard to finish their course, not only to satisfy their parents but for their own improvement as well. It will give them economic edge, and also the opportunities to further advance their social, intellectual, and economic standing.