My main goal is to own my own law firm and specialize in Criminal law. In order for me to gain a better perspective on the goals that I have, I decided to interview the type of criminal attorney that I want to develop skills to be like. I interviewed Mr. William D. Young, Attorney at Law. Mr. Young is an attorney at his own private law firm in Raleigh, North Carolina. He represents a number of high profile cases and specializes in murder cases. I found this extremely intriguing. Criminal law has always been something that I was interested in and until now, I always underestimated the fact that I was capable of achieving my dream.

I asked Mr. Young a series of questions to help me better understand exactly what it is that a criminal lawyer does, and questions that would help me further my career development. Mr. Young answered each question accordingly and I found this information to be rather helpful. When I asked Mr. Young why he decided to become an attorney, I learned that he had been drawn to some type of debate his entire life. He was head of his high school debate team. Immediately after high school, he attended the Durham Police Auxiliary Training. He decided rather quickly that this was not for him.

He started law school not long after he made the discovery that he did not like being a cop. While he was in law school, he was an undercover Private Investigator. Among all the choices of law he could have chosen from, he decided on criminal law because he thought that it would be more interesting than working in real estate. He stated that he has no regrets about his decision to practice criminal law. He states that the most difficult part of being a criminal attorney, is that criminal lawyers get cruddy treatment from District Attorneys and Judges. He also says that the scheduling for a criminal attorney is rather hectic at times.

The most interesting part of his job, he states, is the people. He says that he is often surprised at the things that the human race is capable of. He was asked if Criminal Law was more challenging than other areas of law. He stated that “real lawyers are criminal lawyers”. He also said that fewer than 5% of lawyers are criminal lawyers. He says that the change in the economy has not negatively influenced his business. He says that with all the lay offs and cut backs, business has skyrocketed. He informed me that in one months’ time, on any given day, there are at least a hundred open cases in his office.

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This is a high amount because he is the only attorney in his office. Mr. Young informed me that he has been a criminal defense attorney for twenty nine years. He said that the licenses’ and certification I need to work in the same manner he is, is to pass the bar, and get a certificate from the Internal Revenue Service for tax reasons. I have a personal interest in the career of Mr. Young. I already knew that Criminal Law was going to be the type of law that I wanted to practice, but I did not know that is was going to be as interesting as it was. I always thought that lawyers had no sense of humor, and were completely by the book.

After our interview, I was more confident that I wanted to be a criminal law attorney than before the interview started. My interest has definitely changed since my interview. Before the interview, there were two types of law that I was interested in, criminal law and divorce law. After this interview, I know that I definitely want to be a criminal lawyer. During the interview, he informed me of things that were not in my interview questions. He informed me how to get “brownie points” from the judge by preparing the information that he would need before court is out.

He said that if the judge did not have to spend a lot of time looking for forms, he or she is more likely to rule in your favor. He gave me various tips and tricks to help me come out on the winning side of a case. He said to always ask open ended questions. I found this to be an asset to learn because it could be valuable in my own career. I could see myself as a criminal lawyer in the near future. I can see myself working in an office with others until my reputation as an excellent attorney is realized, and then branching off to own my own law firm.

I thought that my interview would not go so well because of my shyness. I thought that I would be afraid to ask some of the questions that I found important. Surprisingly, I found that I am not as shy as I thought I would be. I was able to maintain my professionalism, and got all the necessary answers that I needed. As far as my own professional development, this interview showed me that I am not alone in this. There are thousands of people that do this same thing every day and there is no reason to be nervous or afraid. As long as I keep things professional, I will be successful.

Regardless of the field or occupation, interviewing and questioning is a valuable professional skill. Knowing the types of questions that a person will ask during an interview could help you know what to look forward to when getting ready for an interview. I look forward to the day that I am able to work in and own my law firm. Thanks to this interview, I now know what to expect when I do work in and own my law firm. I have learned how to interview, what questions to ask, and by watching Mr. Young, I have learned how to stay calm and answer these questions effectively.


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