Reasons Why Advertisers have increase their focus on younger Age

There are so many reasons why advertisers have increased their focus on younger age bracket for the last 100 years because younger age belongs in this bracket are impulsive, highly engrossed to the latest fashions, easily convince of the marketing strategy of the products and believing having a new type of a product itself that are new in the business market would eventually made them ‘in’ in the society they belong. Advertisers considerably increased their attention in this age bracket because it is within this bracket occupies the largest scale in the market buying of their products.

If we can observe now a day in our community the population of this teen age bracket is clearly visible. One of great consideration also of the advertisers is the market share of their products in the community. The population of their products caters too. With regards to this, the age bracket as mentioned above has a huge consideration in the market avenue for the advertisers. Another consideration for the advertisers also at this age bracket is the mind set of buying. Older people buy products that are considered as necessities in the family. This kind and way of thinking matured people has is not present at this age bracket.

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Individual under this category just simply buy out the things because they like it to have a possession of their own. That what their friends could have, they have it also. Another significant factor considered by the advertisers is the unstable emotional status of the individuals at this age category. They are easily carried away and overwhelmed by their respective emotions once they come to like certain product/s. They do not have any consideration if what they are buying at all is important or necessary to their daily living. Return of investment is the supreme factor among of it why business continued to exist.

That’s why advertisers are so consumed of the ideas that their product should at this age bracket. Maybe it could create a query to your logic how I derived on that aspect. Basically, as I have seen now and ever since before, most of the teens are money oriented since they think they are more vulnerable at any moment and having money at their pockets could eventually save the. This may sound so funny but that is how I viewed and had observed the teens at this moment. This is due to loose of parental control. Because their parents are so busy making a living for their family.

So money is the easy access for the parents to their children especially young teens belong at this age bracket. Therefore, advertisers who are very sensitive to the climate of needs at this age bracket can easily gather up investment returns. Another observable fact taken into consideration by the advertisers is the quantity aspect of buying. Individuals at this age bracket buy out things more than what they need. They buy things not just in one piece or quantity, but two or three as much as they like it. In short, people at this age level, do not have control as to what extent their buying could lead to.

They are not worry at all of what will happen to them for the next day because they did not earned the money in hard ways. What they think is that their parents is their and they can ask money anytime they want too. Compare to matured people, they buy things only according to their budget and how important it is. It is because their basic priority is the food and shelter of their family. On how they would continue survive in their daily living. This kind of ways matured people does is not present at all at the age bracket mentioned above by this case study. Though I am not generalizing all individual at this age bracket but most of them did.

Only few of them know the money value at this present time. I do not know if crisis at this certain point could make as an eye opener for this extravagant spender at this age bracket. Another thing I highly consider also why advertisers increase focus at this age bracket because people at this stage, easily tired out in their satisfaction taste to the product they are buying. Tendency, they will buy again new product that would surely quench their taste of satisfaction. That is why advertisers have always invented some innovations of how they sell their products in the business arena despite of stiff competition from their competitors.

Another factor to be considered also why advertisers focus their attention at this age level, because of the vulnerability and critical mindset at this age bracket always look forward for a fresher and latest items or stuff that would always make them proud and comfortable. These are the following reasons I have seen and considered why advertisers have increased their focus of attentions for the last 100 years. Individuals at this age-bracket have surely captivated the heart of the advertisers as they are of great considerations of their present products and future products they will be making in the near future.

As long as the variables and factors will always remain at this age bracket, then this age bracket will continue to be essential and potential as market prospect for the advertisers in the business arena. That is why advertisers should continue to take care the taste of satisfaction at this age bracket by having some unique and awesome innovation in their products at all time or else they will surely loss a mammoth avenue of great revenue in their business ventures and investments.