Step one. Genre,Schedule,Audience

Both programme’s start at different times, The Bill starts before the watershed and is an hour long whereas ‘Waking the dead’ starts after the watershed and is also an hour long.

The Bill is aimed at younger audience that’s because The Bill is before the watershed.

Waking the dead is more of an adult rating due to it being after the watershed.

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Step Two, The opening sequence

The opening sequence of Waking the dead has dark dull colours like dark red,orange,green and black, The red and orange are represented for blood in the background fluids are being flashed, Text floats around the screen and some of the text reflects in the water. Several objects are used to represent the programme. A magnefine glass moves slowly across the screen, A hand is turning a page or taking a cloth off a dead body most of the images are blurry. The colours used for both crime series are dull colours.The colours used for The Bill are are much darker compared to the colours for Waking the dead. The features used for The Bill suggest that it is a programme about Police officers and Crimes whereas the features for Waking the dead tell the audience that it is a programme about detectives and lots of investigations.

Step Three: Narrative Structure

Both Tv series contain Sub plots, Both stories are told in different ways, I know this because both stories are about different thing’s for example:- Waking the dead is about detectives and investigations, The Bill is about Crimes and police officers out looking for criminals, In The Bill the story ends when A criminal gets caught, Whereas in Waking The dead it ends in the middle of an investigation. The only things that are similar between both proggrames is that there both about crime.

Step Four, Key scene

The camera shots used for both interviews are the same, they both use a Point of view shots , Over shoulder shots and a low angle shot. There wasnt any music used during the interview in The Bill and Waking the dead.

The police officers in both series use posh words. But the Criminals use colloquial language there we no particular phrases that stood out.

Each interview was over one minute no special effects were used, the only thing that is found ammusing was when the officer moved forward and the suspect got scared and moved back.

Step Five: Representation

Women and ethnic people are represented in both crime proggrames. In The Bill women are mainly police officers and in Waking the dead women play a very important part. Both men and women are treated the same in Waking the dead, Whereas in The Bill men are treated better than women. In Waking the dead there are more men represented then women, But this doesn’t really matter because thet play high parts in the proggrame


The similarities between both proggrames is that they are both about crime, and both include police officers and Detectives also they are both on T.V for an hour. The differences between both programmes is that the genders are represented in different ways. Women are not really represented as much in Waking the dead, Whereas they are in The Bill.


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