Raymond’s run and Harriet Tubman

In Toni Barbara’s “Raymond’s run” and in Ann Petry’s “Harriet Tubman”: conductor of the Underground Railroad,” the reader sees many similarities and differences between Squeaky and Ms. Tubman as they are both portrayed as positive role models. Squeaky showed us many traits but she mostly showed a trait of kindness. After seeing her brother she said to herself, “even if I win I could retire and be a coach,” for her brother ( ).

Her support and help to get her brother to have fun is a wonderful and a right thing to do. Likewise, Harriet Tubman, a hero and daredevil, possesses the trait of daringness. Her job is an important on because, she knows if she gets caught they will hang her ( ). She shows me and others that she would lay on a grenade for a brother. Even though Squeaky and Harriet exhibit a lot of similar character traits, they are also unique. Squeaky, a fast and cool girl, is tough.

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She said that, she could kill someone like that ( ). She does not like to be messed with just like everyone else. The reader sees individuality of Harriet as well. Ms. Tubman is portrayed as determined. Even when the slaves wanted to go back she poked the gun at them and forced them to move on as she knows that they will regret going back one day. She proved that she cared for them. Even though Harriet and Squeaky lived in different time periods they each showed us how to live as role models.