I am working for the Rawlings Company and am going to be making a sale of baseball gloves to a sports store called Mesquite Sports. I will give a detailed description of the product I am going to be selling, along with a description of my competitors, and of my prospect and the target market. Also I will explain how I prepared for my sales call and how it actually went. The Rawlings Company was first founded in 1887 in St. Louis Missouri. Which is where there headquarters is currently located. Rawlings is a company that manufactures sporting good equipment for all sports.

One of the things that Rawlings specializes in is the baseball glove. They produced the prototype for the modern baseball glove in 1920. Rawlings makes a variety of glove models, from high end for competitive players to lower end for recreational players. Rawlings offers eight different series of gloves featuring more than sixty different models. The Primo is the premiere baseball glove series. Two layers of the finest Italian leather create a pocket built for performance at your position. The third layer of Italian calf lining creates a luxuriously smooth feel while the 100% wool padding adds an extra layer of cushion.

The Primo series uses dual core technology along with hot stuffed 100 lb. tensile strength laces to provide unprecedented quality. This series is for the more competitive player with a price range around $399. 99. The next series is the Pro Preferred, which is made from supple Kip leather. These gloves are marked by a tight grain structure which allows for a soft, smooth look and feel. Lace from Rawlings own Tennessee Tannery that’s 15% stronger than standard Pro lace is used. Only the finest quality materials are used including the 100% wool padding and Deerskin lining for superior comfort that has made this new industry standard.

The retail price on this series is around $275. 00 and is also for the competitive elite player. The Primo and the Pro Preferred are the gloves that you see a lot of the top MLB players using like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriquez, Ken Griffey JR, Justin Verlander, Albert Pujos, Mark Texeria, and many more. Rawlings also offers different series for the more cost conscious and youth players. One of these series is the Gold Glove Pro Taper which is a series perfect for 8-13 year old athletes who will play at least forty games a year.

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The Pro Taper glove is recommended for any athlete who is ready to move into a better glove, but whose hand is still too small for a Pro Preferred or Primo style. This series has a retail price of around $99. 99. Another series for the younger cost conscious athletes is the Signature series. This series features gloves that are replicas of the ones that some of the top pros use. The pro taper design provides better control for younger players who want a pro-style glove. Each glove has a full grain leather shell, leather lacing and a zero shock sting reduction palm pad. This series has a retail price range from $50. 0 to $70. 00.

There are many other series that Rawlings Company offers like the Heart of the Hide, Revo, Sandlot, Renegade, Savage, and Softball series that tend to any need or price range that the customer is looking for. One of the competing companies is Wilson Sporting Goods Company. The Wilson Company is based out of Chicago, Illinois and is a foreign subsidiary of the Finnish Amer Sports. The company first got started in sports by making tennis racket strings. They later ventured into making footballs and tennis balls along with baseball gloves since 1957. They also offer a couple of series of gloves to choose from.

The A2000 series is their best at a price range from $199. 99 to $299. 99. These gloves are made from the top 5% steer hide. This is their series for the more competitive elite players. The A1000 series is cheaper at price of $99. 99 and is made from ECCO leather. This series is intended for more of youth age group looking for a good glove but not at the quality of the A2000 series. Last they have their cheaper series the A450 which is at retail price of $40. 00 to $50. 00 and is made from pigskin. This series is for the young athletes that are just starting to get into the sport and are cost conscious.

Another competing company is the Easton Bell Company, which is located in Van Nuy California. They are a privately owned manufacturer and distributor of sporting equipment. The company first started out as an auto company making bike and racing helmets. They later ventured into other sports and started making the baseball glove. They also have a couple of different of series for the consumer to choose from, one of them being the Easton Professional series. This one is their top series of gloves intended for the competitive elite player, sold at a retail price of $199. 99.

These gloves are made out of Okayama leather, which is steer hide, and have a 100lb lacing tensile strength. Next is the Premier Pro Kip series at a price of $149. 99 and this is made out of KIP cow hide leather. This series is still intended for the elite but cost conscious player. They also have the Salvo, Stealth Speed, and Natural Elite series of gloves that range from a price range of $49. 99 to $99. 99. These series of gloves are for your younger more beginner players that can still find a descent glove at a low price. The Company that I am going to sell my product to is Mesquite Sports Center.

It is located at 321 Gross Rd in Mesquite Texas. It is owned and operated by Danny Gregory. This store is a well-known sporting goods store throughout the entire Dallas area. This store is a good location for my target market because they have a lot of hard to find sporting items that are not in other stores and also make custom uniforms which brings in a lot of teams. People like going there especially like going there for the baseball bats and gloves because of nice wide selection they always have. They always have the new bats and gloves that people normally have to order online and wait for in stock.

I know of this prospect because I myself was a repeating customer. Growing up and playing baseball in Mesquite most of my life, Mesquite Sports was somewhere I knew I could always go to if I needed a new glove or something with sports and all my teammates felt the same way. I also checked the internet reviews on the company and only good things were said. People commented on the great selection of merchandise and the service. I first started off my planning of the sales call by gathering as much information as I could about the company and the prospect. I first gathered information on the prospect and his personal life.

The owner of the store which is the one that I will need to talk to in order to make my sell is Danny Gregory. I found out some information about him through a personal web page on the internet. I know that he has a wife and two sons that are also into baseball and other sports. He also coaches a little league baseball team that one of his sons plays on. I went to the Mesquite Sports Center a couple of times that way I could get a feel of the environment. I noticed that Mr. Gregory was really hands on when it came to his customers and seemed really interactive with repeating customers.

The store was in a good location around a lot of high schools and sports complexes. The store itself was good size and had plenty of room to display a lot of different sports equipment. I noticed that he had a lot of Rawlings equipment but that many different Rawlings gloves, which could be a good thing because he might be in need of some of my products. The store had a wide variety of customers, some of them being high school students and some being parents with their kids. Since it was only one store and was privately owned I would try to sell a small stock of about fifteen gloves because of the stores spending range.

I would try to negotiate more but I don’t want to put too big of a number out there first. The minimum I would be able to sell would be ten. I noticed that there weren’t many other sporting goods around. The only other one that I saw was Academy, but they were a lot larger and were also for outdoor supplies so they didn’t have a great selection of sporting goods. I plan to bring some of the gloves in for visual aid for him to look at and try out to get a better experience and a firsthand look of the product.

I called and set up an appointment to meet with Mr. Gregory the next week to talk to him and try to make a sale. Up until that time I will go over all the information so that I am well prepared for anything that might occur that wasn’t planed. I got to the sales call five minutes early. I didn’t want to make a bad impression by being late. He was also on time so it showed that he thought of my time being important also. I started off the conversation by complimenting his store and how much I enjoyed coming in there when I was growing up.

Which this was good because we got into a little small talk about me living there and playing baseball in high school in mesquite which helped by putting me on a more personal level with him. Us only having a short amount of time I soon got to business by asking him if he has been having people coming in asking about some of the Rawlings gloves that he didn’t have. He responded by saying as a matter of fact there has been quite a bit of people coming in wanting some of the newer Rawlings gloves. I told him that I noticed that his glove display was short on a lot of the different gloves that Rawlings offers and asked him why that is.

He told me it was because of his last supplier having problems with shipping them on time and getting the orders correct. He also stated that his last supplier was a little too pricey for him. At that point I began to show him some of the gloves that I brought and explaining them. He seemed to really like the gloves and was trying them all on. The ones I showed him were some of our top gloves. He had an objection because he had a large variety of all customers and not all of them are going to want the top of the line glove.

I then began to explain to him about all the different types of gloves that Rawlings has to offer at different prices. I also told him that I guarantee that we can get the gloves shipped to him within five days with no mistakes. I offered him that we could get him three of our Primo, three of our Pro Preferred, four of our Heart of the Hide, and five of our Gold Glove by next week for $3,000. He would but he didn’t have that much because it was month before baseball season and his sales haven’t started picking up yet. I asked him what price he could do and he stated $2,250.

I told him I would make a deal with him I would give him the gloves for $2,250 if he would promise to at least order from me for the next couple of shipments through the baseball season because I guarantee him he wouldn’t be disappointed. He happily agreed and we finished the sale. Once he gets the shipment in I plan to call him and check up on the order. I also plan to call him a week later to see how the gloves are doing and how they are selling. It is important for me to keep in contact with him on a regular basis that way he can refer me to other retailers and to also keep him informed with new products that are coming out.


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