The Brand Rasna is owned by Pioma Industries that introduced the concept of soft drink concentrates (SDC) a segment that had been created and nurtured by the company in the Indian beverages market. During the introduction period the company launched it under the brands name, jaffe and it marketed with the help of voltas. Then it changed its name to Rasna in the year 1979. It was the first brand in the country that provided consumers real fruit-like flavor and taste.

* Rasna Pvt. Ltd. is a proudly family owned ISO 9002 & HACCP Certified Company.

* Rasna’s philosophy rests on producing and marketing the best of products and developing long term relations in the market. Rasna Pvt. Ltd. holds steadfastly to its commitment to excellence, a commitment to being one of the largest Soft Drink Concentrate Manufacturing Companies in the world.

* Rasna has, over the last 10 years, successfully spread its wings with it’s Exports Division, offering the extremely successful Soft Drink Concentrates, Instant Drink Powders and Ethnic range of products to the global markets.

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* Rasna has extended its range to include other products, synergetic to it’s basic activities, by introducing a variety of processed food products for the global consumer. Rasna has gained 1st rank in the soft drink beverage category. Rasna has also received the 1st FMCG Award in the soft drink concentrate category.

* Currently Rasna holds close to 93% market share in the soft drink concentrate market in India. As a tribe in action it promises to deliver, with individual performance and economy enhancement, substantial gain in its products for consumers at large to relish at every moment of their lives.

* Rasna has always been a brand that every Indian knows of as standing tall, vis-à-vis quality flavor and enjoyment in the in-house market of soft-drinks. Its backward integration ensures that most of the raw-materials are made by Rasna directly or through job work. It has the largest capacity in Asia to make powder concentrate with 7 production units spread across the country,.

Rasna has always been recognized at large for brand and company. It ranks no. 1 in the beverage category as Most Trusted Brand of India. It is listed among the top 15 brands in the country. It was awarded as the most preferred brand in SDC category at the FMCG Most Preferred Awards 2003 & 2004 and Consumer World Award 2004. It has pioneered not only with its strong marketing strategies but also with its proper scaled distribution chain. Rasna has always looked into its marketing and brand building and has achieved an expertise in flavor technology.

Its efficient management in production and market environments has harnessed to bring to the Global consumers, technologically superior products in fruits,vegetables, beverages, confectioneries… to stand as a leader in the Processed Food Industry. It has focused towards bringing to the Global Consumers Ethnic recipes and Food Products from India. Rasna has adequate and in-depth knowledge & information on Market sizes and behaviours, Growth prospects, Project Viabilities, Government Policies, Finances etc. nd access to more,enabling the company to respond fast to any proposal with suitable recommendations. It believes that there is a huge and emerging market for Rasna’ s kind of product range, all over the world. Rasna is capable of managing global sized manufacturing set-ups working on the most advanced technologies to cater to the huge markets, nationally and globally. Rasna as a brand has won many awards and credentials surpassing any other soft drink concentrates company.

Rasna proudly received Superior Taste Award 2008 instituted by The International Taste ; Quality Institute (ITQI), Belgium given to Mr. Areez Khambatta, the Founder Chairman and Innovation Officer at the hands of Hon. Shri Subodh Kant Sahai, Minister of State for Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India with the blessing of Dasturji (Dr. ) Firoze M. Kotwal (High Priest of Mumbai) in the august presence of Mr. Christian De Bauw of ITQI. Rasna has managed to dominate the colossal SDC market because of its massive International Operations.

One of Rasna’s biggest strength is it’s Marketing and Sales setup,through which millions of consumers worldwide are experiencing the flavor of satisfaction. Having commenced international operations in 1993 Rasna is currently marketing it’s diverse Product range in a majority of the world markets. It provides a strong and proactive marketing support to its distributors and importers around the world-just so that their products stand out, and apart, on the shelves. Timely delivery schedules of its products anywhere in the world is what has helped them to reach a strong position in the global markets.


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