Rap Music is Degenerate

With the emergence of hip-hop culture starting off way back during the 1970s, rap music has continued to be a hit in the industry until today. From old school hip-hop to gangsta rap to new school ones, its various forms and substances have definitely evolved over time. However, as years go by, the quality of rap music has also begun to deteriorate as content, videos and influences have created a number of negative impressions to the general public. The lyrics of contemporary rap have more decadent substances than of before. Rappers now bring up matters on violence and drug use, and some on even overly sexually explicit subjects.

50 Cent’s songs, for one, are known for this. Moreover, these also bring about discrimination in race and gender. As Blacks dominate the scene, some of their lyrics truly call chaos against the Whites. Apache and Menace Clan are some of those who expressively sing out this mayhem. On the other hand, women are treated as sex objects and accessories, even being deemed as promiscuous in some. Music videos even support the perverted message several rappers communicate. Television and the Internet are two of the most accessible media forms to the mass, and a visual display of what rap music portrays definitely affects the way people think.

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Because of the fierce, carnal images that go side by side with the glamorized life presented by the cars, women and the bling, these records catch a lot of attention often leading to the simulation of its overall message by the viewers. Critical indeed, many may be negatively influenced by the implications rap music is entailing. Children watching TV can look up to them and may harm the way they think. They can also get used to swearing, which is very prevalent in rapping. Reportedly, young African-American women have also engaged in more crimes, drugs and sex after being immersed in the culture.

This poses a lot of dangers not only to them, but to the whole community as well. Without a doubt, rap music has become a condition that is worse than of the past because of certain messages it now expresses. Although it can still develop into something more decent in the future, it is necessary to be guarded with the effects it can bring about to everyone. Firm beliefs and values are ultimately important in order not to be swayed by the undesirable impressions, which can leave an imprint on the minds of the many.