Racial Discrimination in La Cross Wisconsin Area

Being a white American I believe that my ancestors were native from the polish and Irish descendants. According to the research I conducted I found that under this population the white people are described as those people with an origin from Europe

In la cross Wisconsin I find that there are Hmong Americans from different origins who do not look like my ethnic group and the minority of them are the Hmong Americans who I find to be part of the Asian American people originating from the Far East, South East Asia and the Indian sub-continent who reside in the la cross Wisconsin area this population is said to have been led in the states as a result of the 1965 Hart Celler Act which came up with the elimination of the national origins quotas that were said to be strict on the immigrants.

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This new quota was said to have led to a major immigration from every corner of the Asian continent thus leading to the expansion of its population in the United States. Under this we find that the Asian American populations vary depending on the immigration status, citizenship, acculturation and language, whereby we find that the Asian Americans originating from the Middle Eastern part of the Asian continent are defined as Whites rather than Asians. (Ainsworth, and Douglas, 1998)

The demographics of the Asian Americans is used to determine the variety of the Asian population who are able to trace their origins since the Asian Americans residing in the United States are only 5% of the United States population. In this case i find that in the year 2000 the United States Census made a report of 11. 9 million people who availed themselves claiming that they are either full or partly Asians this number covered a 4. 2% of the United States population. How are the white Americans Different from the Hmong American?

According to research I therefore state that in areas resided by the white American population is highly developed, taking an example of my community where the Asian Americans are said to be well represented in several professional sectors through which they are said to be earning higher wages especially in the sectors that involve business and technology even though they are poorly represented in the higher management levels. Under this I find that in the year 2002 the businesses for this ethnic group had recorded a number of over 1. million businesses where they employed more than 2million workers where they had revenue of above $326 billion. Leadership in My Community I find that inequality exist within the ethnic groups in my community, whereby according to a survey done I indicate that disparities exist among the ethnic groups under which it is said that this inequality is practiced where, higher incomes whites and Asians are discriminated from the Blacks the Native Americans.

I therefore say that in my community many leaders come from the rich who take the prerogative to solve problems in the city, solutions put forward by the rich have not worked at all, but have made much harsher the Hmong American conditions for living where the problem of us the Caucasians get neglected, causing the inter-depended equations to get ever more lopsided and we are back to where we started from in our normal problems, this shows that there are no solutions that work for the poor and that if there were, communities like mine would already be using them. Lupton & Power 2002) Under leadership we find that this racial discrimination has led to the following effects on the gender sensitivity in my community: Economic development under this, I find that women are said to be disadvantaged by the segregation in the distribution of income and consumption within the la cross Wisconsin area where the share of the national income shows that there is inequality between women and men in the society, where women are said to have a significantly lower share of national income than men in my city.

Personal insecurity the racial discrimination is said to lead to gender segregation among the various ethnic groups in my community thus leading to the women to be at a risk from violence in la Cross Wisconsin, whereby practices such as the traditional believes where women are regarded as burdens rather than assets this is normally practiced in my community

Media Representation of Racism in La Cross Wisconsin The need for dependency makes the people in my community to be looking upon the media to be given information about the events taking place and the products present in the market globally, so they have to tolerate the messages by the media so as they get the information about a particular event taking place.

In this case we find that the people read, listen and interpret the message depending on their socio-economic class, gender, age, education and their ethnic backgrounds, in this manner we find that they are influenced by the media to carry out a particular action or even to copy the concepts of life shown in the message that is put across to them through advertisements. (Couldry and Curran, 2003)

Under this, I have found out that there is always some disinformation about my ethnic group whereby this practice is not only practiced by the business owners, but it is also used by various political leaders and the government, who influence the media organizations to disseminate certain information that is meant to undermine the Hmong American community and their leaders in the government and through this, I find that many people are led to take an action depending on the message given to them by the media who are surely, aware that the information included in the advertisement is not true. Couldry and Curran, 2003) Racial Discrimination in La Cross Wisconsin Schools

The term racial discrimination creates a distinction between one group of people from another, this is normally based on the skin colour, facial features and the hair texture, it normally vary depending on the culture, and social economic factors in my community According to the secondary research that I conducted, I find that the this area is highly affected by racism in many sectors including schools where racism is practiced through the separation of students by their colour; I find that many students who attend sub-urban schools are white, since the sub-urban schools are meant for those individuals who are claimed to be belonging to a higher social class this is because the schools are claimed to be of a higher quality compared to the other schools that are attended by the Hmong children Effects of Racial Segregation in Schools I found out that, teachers in many schools are said to be practicing discipline on students depending on the race, gender and socio-economic factors, though many people including teachers, argue that the discipline and policy practices in schools are balanced and objective, there are still main causes that lead to an increase in the number of students of colour being send out of school, there are various causes of racial inequality in discipline implementation in many public schools in my community and these include;

Cultural Insensitivity And Misunderstanding; I find that this has been said to be the major factor leading to crisis in discipline systems both in students and the teaching staff that is believed to be leading to the distinction between racial and ethnic groups among students. Due to the growing urban population in my community, many suburban schools are growing, thus increasing the racial and language differences On contrary, the number of teachers decreases as a result of color and social differences in which I find that many school Administrators employ teachers depending on the number of the colour of the students, this has probably led to a cultural variance through which a number of teachers lack knowledge with the cultural values, and belief systems of the particular students.

Therefore due to lack of the teachers’ familiarity with the students’ cultural perspectives the teacher is not able to understand the behaviour of a particular student. (Darnell, James and Downey, 1998) Psychological Insinuation racial discrimination is said to be having psychological implication on various children in the society since the children are forced to participate in a particular culture at school which needs them to alter to their home cultures through this the students face a variety of conflicts giving rise to a psychological and identity problem. Socio-Economic Factors; this is normally experienced in many schools creating differences among the members in the learning institution.

For example in a situation where we find a teacher living in a middle social class that has a uniform way of living and a lower income student living in an economically troubled society, this differences between the teacher and the student is said to complicate the relationship between the two groups. (Karl and Linda 1997) Alienation this normally occurs in children due to the assimilation policies that are imposed in schools which are normally meant to break the conversion of culture and language from an older generation to a younger generation this leads to the alienating of the native children from their society older to younger stimulating the identity crisis within their societies. This alienation can lead social isolation that might also lead to depression through stress anger and fatigue which normally happen to detract the student from performing in schools.

I therefore argue that, racial discrimination in La Cross Wisconsin schools has a diversified effects on the students which normally differ with the presence of many factors including those of self attitudes and the cultural and socio-economic backgrounds this factors target the performance of the students whereby a negative impact is brought that is when a school administration fails to address the needs of its students this may be done when the school administers in formulating its curricula that include the exclusion of minority cultures and languages which proves to lack relevance to the students thus making the students to loose interest whereby they fail to attend school and some of them dropping out of schools due to the boredom caused by the school curricula this course may also lead to a low literacy rate among the members of the society. Recommendation

I therefore conclude that, in most cases lack of motivation leads to, absenteeism, poor performance, lack of involvement in activities, and dropout cases in schools. Most students are said to be undergoing various challenges while at school, these problems may include: fear of failure, lack of academic success, social pressures, lack of confidence in themselves, misplacement of papers and books, frequent absenteeism, lack of motivation and quietness at school as a result of racial discrimination. I recommend teachers in Western Massachusetts to focus on the students’ problems culturally, linguistically and socially and at the same time, they should encourage the students to choose subjects that are of interest to them.

The government plays a role of ensuring that commitments to equal rights and opportunities are upheld and delivered, by setting an enabling environment for gender and racial equality at the country level and in the La Cross Wisconsin community through the formulation and implementation of conferences and international conformities. Therefore, I recommend that the governments should empower the poor Hmong American community by improving the internal governance structures, finance management systems, skills knowledge and abilities. Promote linkages, learning and dialogue between the poor and support the formation of umbrella groups that can effectively negotiate member interests with outside activists.