Race and culture

“I spent too much time and energy as a budding adult abbreviating my identity and rehearsing its explanation” (Arboleda, p. 279). This quote made me think of how narrow minded the American perspective on race and culture many Americans are. Though there may have been numerous studies surrounding the realm, still many people are unaware of how to address and call multi-racial individuals.

The misconception about race and culture continues to prevail in American society and often times makes it difficult for immigrants and foreigners to actively adapt to such culture. “My very-mixed heritage, culture and international experiences seem like a blur sometimes, and I long for a resting place. ” (Arboleda, p. 282) Seeing such quote made me feel and realize that the author is forgetting that diversity is an everyday fact of life. The continuing challenges that diversity and race continue to effect on humans is the impediment that individuals must address.

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By doing these things, only then can man actually say he /she has been culturally multifaceted. However, achieving such incident is a difficult process to consider especially the continued changes happening in every society and communities around the world. “I offer myself as a case study in transcending the complex maze of barriers, pedestals, doors, and traps that form the boundaries that confine human beings to dominant and minority groups” (Arboleda, p. 282).

The author quote showcases one of the many examples of how individuals with multi-cultural backgrounds find it difficult to adapt to a culture dominated by individuals and groups who seldom know or acknowledge the existence of multi-cultural individuals. They fail to acknowledge the fact that the process of socialization is more active and complex during this time and such incident is an occurrence of such interplay among various cultures. By creating a deeper understanding of issues surrounding diversity and culture can man create better outcomes of actions and opportunities for better harmonization and interaction.