Questionnaire For Teenagers NAME – ______________________ Age – ____ Gender – _____ Q. 1. Do you play any sports? A. yes, B. No, Q. 2. If Yes Then specify? Q. 3. How Many Hours do you spend time Playing outdoor games? A. 1-3Hours B. 4-6Hours C. Less than 1 hour Q. 4. What Ailments/Disability stops you from playing games that make you fit for life? Q. 5. Do you go to any fitness centre for working out? A. Yes B. No C. Sometimes Q. 6. Do you have any kind of interest in making your body fit? A. Yes B. No C. Maybe Q. 7.

What kind of sport are you interested in ? A. Indoor B. Outdoor Q. 8. Do you prefer being fit in your teenage life if yes then Y? A. Yes B. No Q. 9. Where Do you spend most your time at? A. Playing B. Playing games on your PC C. Studying Q. 10. Do you have any body building Idol? A. Yes B. No C. Not interested Q. 11. Are you under weight/overweight? A. Underweight B. Overweight Q. 12. What times do you do exercise in a day? A. Less than 1 hour B. More than 1 hour C. Not Interested Q. 13. Do you have body building items at home ? A. Yes B.

No Q. 14. Whats your height ? A. 5ft-5. 8ft. B. More than 5. 9ft Q. 15. Is there any thing which stops you from going to fitness centre? Ans.. Q. 16. What hours do u sleep in a day of 24 hours? A. 1-3 hours B. 4-6hours C. more than 6 hours Q. 17. Do you take any food supplements for increasing/decreasing your weight? A. Yes B. No Q. 18. Do you think that in future you will have a need to be fit or just a regular body? A. Yes then specifyB. No Q. 19. Do u think that fitness has a role in lives of every human being? Elaborate if Yes A. Yes B. No Q. 20. Being fit without any supplements has ? A. Good Effect B.

Bad Effect Q. 21. A fat body makes A person mentally depressed & Frustrated? A. Agree B. Disagree Q. 22. Going to fitness centre & Spa s is ? A. Wasting of time B. Worth of being fit Q. 23. Fitness among teenagers is not a a gud habit is it so if yes then why? A. Yes B. No Q. 24. What do u think that in your life is important is it A. Health B. Wealth C. Both of them Q. 25. When you see a man who is rich you will always see that the man would be fit & when you see a poor man you see that he is not properly malnourished so what do you think isn’t fitness important in our lives please Specify?

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A. Q. 26. Do you prefer in your life fitnesss is it so then elaborate? A. Q. 27. What do you prefer when you are free ? A. Working out B. Waatching Television C. Hanging Out with friends Q. 28. Do you think that Fitness comes in your way of studies is it a waste of time? A. Yes B. No Q. 29. Do you think Going out for fitness centre you can come in contact with bad company ? A. Yes…. How? B. No C. Not interested Q. 30. What do u prefer having fitness for ? A. Gainning body weight B. Losing body weight


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