Qualitative vs Quantitative Research

One may be dazzled by the thought of qualitative researchers applying their standards to quantitative research and vice versa. This is because each entity functions within different assumptions. And if this is assumed to be so, we would surely find flaws with one approach against the standards of another. And this does little to promote understanding. I would say that each approach should be judged on its theoretical basis.

Human behavior is significantly influenced by the setting in which it occurs; thus one must study that behavior in various situations possible. Research must be conducted in the setting where all the variables are operating. I personally believe that the skilled researcher can successfully combine approaches. In the book “The Ethnographic interview,” the author defines quantitative research as research with the presence or use of subjects while qualitative research as research making use of informants. Spradley, J. P. 1979)

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In quantitative research, it is important to know the problem that will allow oneself to formulate a question or hypotheses regarding it. He should also know what concepts may be used to test his hypothesis, to know how to define the concepts and thus be able to interpret the results thereafter. In qualitative research, the informants must know something about the issue that they can discover. They should know what concepts to use to classify their experiences on the issue.

They may also know of other information regarding the issue and therefore have the know-how of translating this information into a description that can be easily understood by all others. Different approaches allow us to know and understand different things about issues in our world. Nonetheless, people tend to adhere to the methodology that is most consonant with their socialized worldview. (Glesne, C. , & Peshkin, A. 1992. )