Qualitative Research

The research study will dwell on the investigation of interactive learning technology. More specifically, it seeks to address the effects that it has on the teachers and the students through corresponding measures. The study aims to provide an analysis and identification of the positive effects that the interactive learning technology has in the educational setting, which is placed on the public schools. Likewise, the factors which prove to be important in influencing the students’ attitude towards motivation and self-esteem will likewise be determined.

It has been mentioned by Rodriguez, Ooms, and Montanez (2008), that ample attention should be provided to satisfaction in terms of the online learning experiences of students for this serves as a determining factor when it comes to its success in the future. There are different aspects provided within the continuous feedback taken from the existing forms of interactive learning technologies that warrant improvements (Reeves, 2002). There are likewise issues that needs to be resolved which revolve primarily on the need for the development of standards in terms of online learning (Littlejohn, 2003).

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This is affected by the decision as to whether there would actually be infrastructure that is built along with the process in the most efficient terms (Elmasry, 2007). In addition to this, there should also be ample consideration placed on the social interaction between the students and the teachers where Rowe and Asbell-Clarke (2008) argues that “positive learning outcomes” are affected by their perceptions of social contexts, teacher presence, and instructional activities (p. 3). This research study leans towards the qualitative research type because there is the need to gather experiences from different students and teachers. Experiences could not be generalized and classified especially so that the online learning experience itself is not standardized. There is the need for qualitative approaches that requires the researcher to gather qualitative data.