Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is the research process that deals with numerical/countable data while qualitative research deals with non countable data. Significantly, various differences exist between these to modes of research process. Firstly, qualitative research is based on non-numerical data that cannot be quantifiable in countable terms. Data collection process involves the use of text-based responses that characterize the target population.

However, the collected data may not be run through statistical tests but rather may just involve simple comparisons. Contrary, the basics of quantitative data involves the use of quantifiable data that represents the characteristics of the population target. Usually, data is passed through various scientific methods of data analysis and tests of statistical significances in developing conclusions. Qualitative research uses inductive processes in formulating their hypotheses. The basic aim of qualitative research is to develop theoretical backgrounds about various aspects of concern in life through the pursuit of various interpretive processes within the concerned variables. The aim of the research process is aimed at formulating theoretical backgrounds that explain the research questions of interest.

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Quantitative research process is more involving and uses deductive process in testing concepts that are pre-specific and developing hypotheses and constructs that lead to developing the theoretical concepts. It is aimed at testing the theoretical aspects that have been developed before. The goals of quantitative research are ideally objective while qualitative research involves subjectivity. The intention of quantitative research is to seek the explanation of scientific laws.

However, qualitative research is only aimed at creating in-depth description about theoretical concepts of the research process. The subjective nature of quantitative research involves measuring the variables of the static reality aimed at developing various conceptions of universal laws. However, qualitative research is only aimed at exploring what is deemed as dynamic reality. Its procedures are not aimed at discovering the claims of the universal research process