Why Was the Putsch Considered a Success

On the 8th of November 1923, after Hitler had taken Kahr and all the leaders of the right- wing groups hostage, due to Ludendorff letting Kahr free, the Putsch fails. This led to the Nazis being outnumbered and Hitler falling and dislocating his arm, being arrested and consequently being forced to go to trial. Before Hitler’s trial he was very depressed. He had no more hope for the Putsch and thus went on a hunger strike.

Though, before his trial he got convinced by the wife of a publisher who knew Hitler to fight through what he was experiencing and not to give up. Hitler knew that thousands of people would be watching his trial so he pleaded guilty and used his own trial to publicize the ideas of the Putsch. He answered the questions to his interrogation in a way that he could transform the whole trial into a publicity platform by giving a speech that persuaded viewers as well as the Judges. This turned Hitler from a nobody into a political figure.

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This resulted in a lenient sentence of only 5 years, which he only had to serve 9 months of. Hitler’s prison conditions were not what you would have expected normal ones to be; his cell was big, he had a comfortable bed, flowers, a desk and he could ave as many visitors as he wanted. Even though Hitler could not give speeches to the public, the nine months in prison gave him time to focus on writing his book ‘Mein Kampf, which was an autobiography and contained his political ideas and believes.

After this book was published it was a great success, and even became considered as the Nazi bible’. As a result this gave even more publicity and popularity to the Nazi Party, that Hitler even gained first seats in the Reichstag. Even though the Putsch itself was a failure the results that were caused by it were a huge success for Hitler and the Nazi party.