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PTCL report BY REHMAN76 INTERNSHIP REPORT Inaam-Ur-Rehman 1020801 1 BBA Submitted To Sir Khurram Faisal Jamal Table of Contents Introduction PTCL is a prevailing business, which has been for decades. It went through some major restructuring eras of which 1996 and 2006 are the most prominent. PTCL was incorporated in 1996 and the new management took control of PTCL in 2006 by buying its 26% ordinary shares.

Our main focus in this report is to check the working of HR department of PTCL.PTCL today offers the widest range of services to its customers. PTCL has laid an Optical Fiber Access Network in the major metropolitan enters of Pakistan and local loop services have started to be modernized and upgraded from copper to an optical network. This report is being started with the brief and complete introduction of organization, its historical background, its services and its products.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the primary provider of Telecommunication services in Pakistan.The range of services include basic telephony, telegraph, fax, telex, Public data, Internet, E-mail, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), Universal Access Numbers (UAN), and other value added services. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is a professionally managed company and has initiated measures, with active support of the Federal Government, to use a corporate culture that benefits company. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited believes that it has an inherent potential that it can exploit to emerge as an important and active business entity.I have described the overall working of PTCL regarding all departments at regional level and cooperate level. I have completely observed the company management system in detail, its management styles, procedure of operations. I have a comprehensive analysis of the arketing of PTCL in which I completed the four Ps of marketing mix.

I have also done financial analysis of PTCL, its accounting and finance procedures with the help of trend analysis and ratio analysis. I have also done a comprehensive analysis of the working of HRM department and details of the employees their incentive, benefits, and compensation.Find out their weaknesses and give suggestions for improvements. Human Resource Management practices followed by the company were seen practically whether the company adopted them according to the international labour law standards or not. My Internship report contains all the information about my work experience in PTCL. As an Intern, I spent good time in learning. I learnt to deal with different situations and have experiences of the organizations working environment which affects an employee performance and attitude towards work and had good time in learning and performing duties as HR Intern.PakistanTeleCommunicationLtd Over view of the organization: Pakistan remains one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world and PTCL is the oldest and foremost part of this market.

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It has been serving the nation since the times of the formation of Pakistan. The series of changes through which PTCL has passed through in the history is described below: Pakistan Post & Telegraph (P&T): In the beginning, both the postal and telecommunication services were performed by a single department known as Pakistan post & telegraph (P&T).This department started its telephone services with only 12346 telephone lines and seven telegraph offices all over the Pakistan. Pakistan Telegraph & Telephone department (T&T): The P&T department was modified into Pakistan telegraph and telephone department in the year 1962.

The present systems as well as new installations were managed by the T&T quiet efficiently. Pakistan telecommunication department (PTC); Telegraph and telephone (T&T) department was then converted into a statuary corporation onl 5th December, 1990. It had its own legal identity totally separated from government of Pakistan.Re-structuring of PTC: The PTC was further segregated into four separate unit’s in1996 namely: 1 . Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL): PTCL was incorporated on December 31st 1995 and commenced business on January 1st 1996. This basic purpose of its formation was to provide better services to its customers. This was established to undertake the telecommunication business ormally carried out by the PTC.

It was responsible for carrying out all kinds of telecommunications activities in the country and to look after the existing telecom field.All properties, assets, obligations and liabilities of PTC were accordingly transferred to the PTCL on 1st January, 1996. Brief History: From the beginnings of Posts & Telegraph Department in 1947 and establishment of Pakistan Telephone & Telegraph Department in 1962, PTCL has been a major player in telecommunication in Pakistan. Despite having established a network of huge size, PTCL workings and policies have attracted regular criticism from other smaller perators and the civil society of Pakistan.Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation (PTC) took over operations and functions from Pakistan Telephone and Telegraph Department under Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Act 1991.

This coincided with the Government’s competitive policy, encouraging private sector participation and resulting in award of licenses for cellular, card-operated pay-phones, paging and, lately, data communication services. Following a progressive policy, the Government in 1991, announced its plans to privatize PTCL, and in 1994 issued six million vouchers exchangeable into 600 million shares of the hopeful PTCL in two eparate placements.Each had a par value of PRs. 10 per share.

These vouchers were converted into PTCL shares in mid-1996. In 1995, Pakistan Telecommunication (Restructuring) Ordinance formed the basis for PTCL monopoly over basic telephony in the country. The provisions of the Ordinance were rented durability in October 1996 through Pakistan Telecommunication (Restructuring) Act. The same year, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited was formed and listed on all stock exchanges of Pakistan PTCL launched its mobile and data services companies in 2001 by the name of Ufone and PakNet respectively.

None of the brands made it to the top openings in the respective competitions. Lately, however, Ufone had increased its market share in the cellular sector. The PakNet brand has effectively dissolved over the period of time. Recent DSL services launched by PTCL reflect this by the introduction of a new brand name and operation of the service being directly supervised by PTCL. Last Year, in middle of 2005 Government of Pakistan had decided to sell at least 26 percent of this company to some private agency.There were three participants in the bet for privatization of PTCL. Etisalat, a Dubai based company was ble to get the shares with a large margin in the bet.

Last year when Government was going to privatize the company there was country wide protest and strike by PTCL workers. They even disordered Phone lines of some big Government institutions like Punjab University Lahore and many lines of public sector were also blocked. Military had to take over the management of all the Exchanges in the country. They arrested many workers and put them behind bars.The contention between Government and employees ended with a 30% increase in the salaries of workers. There have been various changes in the company due to privatization.

Such examples include the VSS (Voluntary Separation Scheme for its employees), ERP (SAP based), restructuring, B& CC (Billing and Customer Care Software) etc. Another seemingly minor change was change of brand identity (logo) that will present PTCL’s new face after privatization, with greater focus on customer satisfaction and bringing about of new advancements in telecom for Pakistani consumers.Mission: An environment that is cost effective and quality conscious services that are based on the most optimum technology “Quality” and “Time” conscious customer service Sustained growth in earnings and profitability An organizational environment that fosters professionalism, motivation and quality Now To provide a learning environment and tools to help our customers reach their full potential. Vision: To be leading Information and Communication Technology Services Provider in the region by achieving customer satisfactions and maximizing shareholders’ value.

The future is unfolding around us. In times to come, we will be the link that allows global communication. We are striving towards mobilizing the world for the future.

By becoming partners in innovation, we are ready to shape a future that offers telecom services that bring us closer. Now The PTCL Training and Development wing will be a center of excellence in training services and consulting that works in close partnership with its internal/external clients to build competencies that achieve business goals. Nature of the Organization: PTCL offers both products and services.PTCL is the largest telecommunication provider in Pakistan. PTCL also continues to be the largest CDMA operator in the country with 0. 8 million V-fone customers. The company maintains a leading position in Pakistan as an infrastructure provider to other telecom operators and corporate customers of the country. It has the potential to be an instrumental agent in Pakistan’s economic growth.

PTCL has laid an Optical Fibre Access Network in the major metropolitan centres of Pakistan and local loop Services have started to be modernized and upgraded from copper to an optical network.On the long distance and international infrastructure side, the capacity of two SEA_ME-WE submarine cable is being expanded to meet the increasing demand of international traffic. PTCL is currently operating in two basic services Fixed local loop services Wireless local loop services PTCL the incumbent operator still retains virtual monopoly in both fixed and wireless ocal loop services.

The company has maximum presence across the country for both wireless and fixed local loop network.PTCL has market of only 3 – 4 million subscribers while no major bundle package for the cellular mobile segment was announced that has market of more than 100 million subscribers. PTCL is offering array of value added services to the subscribers with connections of both fixed and wireless including high speed broadband, IPTV, free voice mail service, free email account, Personal Global Number, Wi-Fi services and many more. Long Distance International services are an integral part of Pakistan’s telecom industry which is esponsible for carrying international traffic from Pakistan to abroad and terminating international traffic in Pakistan.PTCL is also in that business as well.

PTCL has also maximum market share in the broadband market. Today incumbent is offering broadband services in more than 100 cities of Pakistan. And are aspiring 3 million subscribers in the next 5 years. Recently PTCL has also entered into the smart TV market and offering wide coverage in big cities of Pakistan. With the emerging technology of 36 and other wireless services PTCL has now set up strong businesses and offer variety of products. Business Volume: Fixed line connections in the country are more than 5.

4 million and the cellular connections are 12. millions Currently there are 315 Payphone and over 51,000 Wireless Payphones There are over 140 Data and Internet service providers (ISP’s) to whom PTCL has provided network infrastructure. PTCL generated annual Revenue of billion from its private sector operating partners. over Rs. 11 No.

of Employees: President & Company Secretary 02 Senior Executive Vice President 07 Executive Vice President Chief Engineers 26 General Managers AGM, DY. 6M, Director, system Analysts, DY. Managers, RTO, CS, SE, DE, SAO, DM, SRO etc 2500 ADE, AE, SDO, AO, SL, Lect etc 20,000 ES, Assistant. PA, Tech, LM.UDC, KP0,Khakroob, Mali, HC, etc 47,000 (almost) Total Employees Note: This figure includes all permanents, contract bases and also appointed under new terms and conditions during the year 2005.

70,000 (almost) Product Line: PTCL offers a wide range of services for its clients all over the Pakistan. These services are Telephone connections, billings, customer services, operations, telephone sets, DSL and internet connections, licensing authority, Internet Service Provider (paknet), nline billing through credit cards, prepaid telephone cards, Mobile connections and services etc. 6 EVO tab Introducing Pakistan’s First 36 Enabled Smartphone Android Tablet??”3G EVO Tab. Powered by Google Android Froy02. 2 OS, EVO Tab is a 7″ capacitive multi gestures touch screen tablet packed with features of both a tablet and a GSM phone that lets you surf, talk, tweet & do a lot more simultaneously on-the-go in more than 100 cities nationwide.

Packages EVO Wireless Broadband EVO wireless Broadband is the latest service from PTCL that offers High speed wireless internet Access and is the latest evolution in internet.It has been introduced in big strata’s. one can get up to 10 times the peak data rate of the next best public wireless solution up to 3. 1 Mbps download and up to 2. 4 Mbps upload speed. It also allows the user to be connected wherever they are not only for email, but also for downloads, large files, photo, spread sheets, etc. PTCL EVO 36 Wireless Broadband; Three simple steps to High speed On-the-Go connectivity, Just Plug in??”click & Connect and experience high speed on the go internet connectivity with the countrys largest and the fastest growing 36 network;.

EVO offers its customers a “superior 36 nternet experience”, with flexibility to roam freely like never before, in more than 100 cities Nationwide. Just plug and play or work at home, in the office or anywhere in between with the unsurpassed & amazing speed of up to 3. 1 Mbps, backed by the countrys largest Wireless service provider; experience the evolution of broadband revolution at its best.

” PTCL Landline (PSTN) Since the deregulation of the telecom sector, a large number of foreign investors chosen for licenses in LL.LDI and cellular operations, identifying Pakistan as an emerging market. Investors entered the market forcefully in the cellular segment, ncluding heating competition for PTCL. In this situation PTCL’s counter strategy for landline services, during the years 2007-08 was aimed to increase ARPU, acquire new subscriber and contain churn. To increase operations, PTCL shifted from its conventional duration based charging system to value based options, like ‘Pakistan Package’ that offered 5,000 minutes for on net nationwide calls at RS. 199/ month.PTCL also launched ‘International Plus’ package to facilitate cost e International calls at unmatchable rates PTCL v-fone.

ffective PTCL also continues to be the largest CDMA operator in the country with pproximately 1. 25 million V-fone customers. It offers fixed wireless telephone for your homes & business.

With CDMA2000 IX technology, ours is the largest WLL network with a capacity of 2. 6M, covering over 10,000 urban & rural areas. The network is already enabled for Voice, Dialup-Internet access (1 53. 6kbps) and EVDO Broadband.PTCL Broadband services PTCL Broadband is the largest and the fastest growing Broadband service in Pakistan. Since its launch on 19May 2007, PTCL has acquired 668,376 Broadband customers in over 605 cities and towns across Pakistan, leading the proliferation and awareness of Broadband services across Pakistan. PTCL provides Experience of the internet at its fastest with high speed access Broadband Pakistan, simultaneously; enjoy Voice service over the same line without any extra cabling connections.

Broadband offers DSL service reliability, affordability and connectivity.Features Cost effective always on internet access High speed data download Unlimited download Free Modem Convenient Ordering on phone and web No upfront charges PTCL has doubled its broadband data rate speed and upgraded all its existing 2Mbps customers to 4Mbps data rate on the same tariff and all existing 4Mbps customers ave been upgraded to 6Mbps data service at the same tariff. In addition a new 8Mbps package has also been introduced. PTCL will have the following data rates for all its broadband existing and new customers with effect from July 15th 2010. Mbps at Rs 1199 2Mbps at 1499 4Mbps at 1999 6Mbps at RS 4999 8Mbps at RS 6999 Broadband Pakistan is now available in over 605 cities/town including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Gujarat, Gujranwala and Bahawalpur. With its entry in this market segment, PTCL pened up a broadband culture in Pakistan, where till a couple of years back there was very little awareness in the country about broadband & high speed internet services.PTCL made the broadband technology affordable by lowering the barriers to entry, by geographically bringing the service within the reach of a common user across Pakistan and by continuous improvements in customer care for the service. Smart TV services Using its state of the art Broadband network, PTCL entered the media sector on 14th August 2008, by launching a digital interactive television service for the first time in Pakistan.

Employing the IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) technology, PTCL brought Pakistan in the list of a few countries across the globe that offers this state of the art interactive TV service to its subscribers.Branded under ‘PTCL Smart Line’, the service includes Interactive Television, Broadband and voice telephony all at the same time on PTCL’s telephone line. Besides offering the highest digital quality TV picture, the most revolutionary section of this offering is the ability to ‘rewind’ and ‘pause’ live TV channels through TSTV (Time Shift Television) feature, the ability to block / unblock ny TV channel for parental lock and the ability to search through video on demand content. Currently PTCL Smart TV offers its viewers 125 live channels and over 500 Movie titles through its Videoon Demand service’.The service is available in 15 cities including Karachi – Lahore – Islamabad – Rawalpindi – Gujranwala – Faisalabad – Peshawar – Sialkot – Multan – Sargodha – Jehlum – WahCantt – Taxila – Hyderabad &- Abbotaba however it is planned to be expanded to all the major cities and towns across Pakistan during the year 2010 Launched for the first time in Pakistan using he flexible Internet Protocol (‘P) technology, PTCL’s Smart TV is service which allows customer to be more interactive and more in control with their TV service as compared to conventional TV broadcast or cable TV.Smart TV delivers television programs to households via broadband connection and requires a subscription, a set-top box, and offers key advantages over existing cable TV. Pak Internet Exchange It is the only IP enabled network with 40 (number increase) point-of-presences (POP) in 26 cities. The existing 166 active bandwidth is used for internet, data, video and video-conferencing services and for voice of LDI.

All PTCL Broadband users, narrow band users, corporate, mobile operators, and ISP are connected to this network.Services of PTCL: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited not only Provides Conventional telephone facilities, it also offers optical fibber services to the private sector. We will briefly discuss below the product line being offered by the PTCL.

Basically PTCL divide their services into two parts. 1 . Services for consumers 2. Services for corporate customers Services for Consumers These services are basically for the common users (Individual/home users) those use elephone in their home/work place and they are basically non business users.

New Telephone Connections: As mentioned earlier, PTCL is presently the only telecom company, who provided fixed-line telephony in the country. So whenever, any Private business concern or any individual needs a new telephone connection for provision of telephone service. Organizational Structure: These Regions provide Telecommunications services to the customers in their respective areas. Apart from these, PTCL has an Optical Fibre Construction Region Lahore and Optic Fibre System Islamabad, each headed by a General Manager to nstall, operate and look after optic fibre systems/cables.

Main Offices Registered office Corporate Headquarters, Blocks-E, G-8/4, Islamabad-44000, Pakistan Corporate Customer Centers Islamabad PTCL F-8 Exchange Nazim-Ud-Din Road F-8/1, Islamabad Ph: 051- 111 202020 Fax: 051- 111 21 21 21 shahzad. [email protected] net. pk Karachi Ground Floor, EVP Office, Hatim Alvi Road, Clifton, Karachi, Ph: 021 -111 202020 Fax: 021 -111 21 21 21 salman. [email protected] net. pk Lahore 26A centre Barkat market, Garden Town, Lahore, Pin: 042-111 202020 Fax: 042-111 21 21 21 nadeem.

[email protected] net. pk Organizational structure


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