We call a person smart and skillful when one is able to influence another person to behave according to what he or she wants. There are several effective strategies explained by compliance theories in social psychology. My experiences relate to three of the compliance strategies: the door-in-the- face technique, the foot-in-the-door technique and the that’s-not-all technique. In these experiences, I posed as the influence, respondent and observer.

My brother once asked me for a thousand dollars because he planned to go out-of-town with his friends for the weekend. I gasped for breath, shocked why my brother would have the audacity to ask such a big amount. My brother got a definite no, because I did not have the money and if ever I did have it, I would not give him just to satisfy his whims and caprice. After getting a no, he laughed and sweetly told me that it was not a thousand he needed but just fifty dollars.

I willingly gave him; relieved that it was just fifty dollars. I did not realize that he was just applying the door-in-the-face strategy on me. I usually encounter salesmen using that’s-not-all technique in the malls that I frequent, especially in stalls that demo products like vegetable slicers. The salesman was selling the slicer and offered three other products for free. Buy the slicer and you get free small chopping board and two pieces of regular knives. The slicer, though a bit expensive was saleable.

Onlookers were awed to get so much bonus and they usually buy thinking they get good value for money. I then had the chance to use another strategy, the foot-in –the-door technique with a friend who happened to be visiting home from work abroad. I knew he was earning much from his work overseas and he had some extra money. I asked him to buy one stub of raffle ticket for our church in our community which he gladly did and quickly I added, “you will get thrice as much blessings if you add two more”. So I successfully sold him three stubs.

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