Protocols of Hossbach, which, according to the apologists of
the bank winner of the last war, show that Hitler prepared the war. Indeed, on
November 5, 1937, Hitler held a conference with his most outstanding generals;
the content of such a conference is known to us by the document entitled
“Hossbach”, the name of Hitler’s aide-de-camp who wrote it. Let’s say
to begin with, that the Hossbach document is a very debatable document, certainly
requested, that is, with additions, and above all, with cuts, and that even its
author was unable to guarantee its absolute authenticity: Hossbach wrote his
notes by hand and what the Nuremberg Tribunal triumphantly exhibited was not
the original text, which could not be found, but a “copy” typed and
unsigned; copy that was not from Hossbach and of which he said that “I can
not say whether the document is an absolutely exact and literal reproduction of
my original copy”. In any case, what is said in that famous document? It
is said that it is possible that, under the circumstances, the Reich will be
forced to go to war with the USSR, well with the Western powers, pushed by
Zionism, and that such a war will probably break out around 1943. It is also
said that maneuvers must be carried out in areas of orography similar to those
in Poland, Russia and France. We believe that it is necessary to comment on
three points:


1) Even if we admit that the Hossbach document
unquestionably established Hitler’s willing will to war since November 5, 1937,
what is indisputable is that this is not the war in which he was forced to
participate; That is not the war that he conceived, since the document
expressly states that it would take place in 1943. So it is working “another
war.” Not the one that actually took place, as of November 1939.


2) The document Hossbach cites such war as
“probable” and, in any case, as “eventual”, and it is even
mentioned that Hitler hopes to achieve a political solution to the German problem.


3) The fact that Hitler ordered that military maneuvers be
carried out on lands of orography as similar as possible to those of Poland,
Russia and France does not necessarily indicate that Hitler planned an
aggression against these three powers. All the armies of the world carry out
maneuvers. Their mission is to fight, and unless they are colonial wars, they
always fight against neighbors. Once again we apologize to the reader friend
for writing such truisms, but this requires us to respond appropriately to this
accusation against children. If an army will always fight – when it fights –
against its neighbor, it is logical that the tactical assumptions of its
maneuvers adapt to the orography of the neighbor in question. It is logical
that the Wehrmacht would train on similar terrains, in its orography, to the
natural scenes of Russia, Poland and France. The absurd thing would have been
that the Führer had ordered that the maneuvers take place in territories
similar to the orography of Paraguay, Algeria or Afghanistan. What tactical
assumptions do the Major States of NATO, or the Warsaw Pact, start?

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Does anyone imagine that such exercises are carried out on
the assumption of a military intervention against Switzerland or against the
Republic of Monomotapa? Everything leads to believe that the conference on
November 5, 1937 had no other purpose than to put pressure on Fritsch to
accelerate the rearmament program. Such is the opinion of Göring, Raeder, von
Blomberg and Fritsch himself. Moreover, it is a document Hassbach never
constituted a work base for the Oberkommando of the Wehrmacht, which did not
even officially register it, and no campaign plan was based on its content. The
Belgian historian, De Launay, says that “the only ones who took the Hassbach
document seriously were the judges of Nuremberg.” This observation, of
course, is not very flattering for the judges.


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