A Proposed Online Document Management System

The main feature of this website is the uploading form where the faculty members and dean of Departments could easily report, manage, upload and email their concerns to our beloved President. If the document needs an urgent response, they can choose to categorize their document as “urgent” for it to be place at the top of he list. Once a document was uploaded on the website, an SMS notification will be sent on your mobile device.

With Online Document Management System, you can reduce the time spent on finding the required file as it offers a searching tool that will make it easier for you to locate the file you are looking for. With this system you can send your files and documents instantly, with others. You will just scan the file and save it as portable document format file then send the document to anyone in the university. Project Background In Bataan Peninsula State University, there are bound to be a number of documents that are stored in the office of the President.

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A vast amount of information stored in the form of documents that need to be spread among members. These documents are manually sent by the person-in-charge. The proponents come up to an Idea to Improve this manual system by developing an Online Document Management System. Current State of Technology Several letters of Invites, memorandum, and communication letter are coming In and ut from the different offices of Bataan Peninsula State University. These documents are stored manually In the office of the President thru email, fax or personally sent by the person-in-charge.

Manually stored documents are wasting space In an office so document is a waste of time and effort, why not send it online and save your energy for work that needs much time and effort. Project Problem Statement The general problem is how to develop an Online Document Management System. Specifically, it will seek an answer for the following questions. What browsers does Online Document Management System support? What can I do with this system? What kinds of files are supported in the system? How do I see the files and documents that are send to me?

Project Assumption The following are the benefits that will be gained from the system: * You can take your documents with you and access them anytime, anywhere or go online using your tablet. * You will be organized and informed on documents so it will prevent the overlapping of each document. You will send your documents securely with anyone, within the whole university or among personal members. * You will be able to easily report to the University President. * The President will easily send memorandum to the whole university.