Explain how you could promote inclusion, equality and diversity with your current/ future learners. Describe points of referral to meet the needs of your learners. Summarise your own responsibility in relation to other professionals. Recommended word count: 200-350 words. Previous anti-discrimination legislation was replaced by the Equality Act 2010. The Act legally protects people in the workplace, and in wider society from discrimination while promoting equality, inclusion and diversity. “We define Equality, Diversity & Inclusion as follows:

Equality means treating people equally Diversity means recognising, encouraging and accommodating differences Inclusion, in both a social and educational context, means recognising every individual’s right to be treated equally, and to be accorded the same services and opportunities as everyone else. ” Equality, Diversity & Inclusion – Available at: http://www. portland. ac. uk/about_us/ equality_diversity_inclusion (Accessed: 1 lth December 2013) Each of my learners is different and they have different experiences, which means my eaching has to be designed to meet their individual needs.

I will be able to find out certain types of information at the initial assessment stage and by monitoring their progression through the course. Establishing ground rules at the beginning of a learning session provides an opportunity to put forward the principles of equality, and lets the learners know that I take the issue seriously, whilst also stating behaviours that are unacceptable. I must make sure to use appropriate language during the session, without Jargon, and nsure that I do not use language that could be considered offensive.

Resources, such as Powerpoint presentations and handouts should be neutral and can also be produced with clearer fonts or higher contrast. I must ensure that the room I am teaching in is safe and well-lit for those who may have mobility or sensory impairments. Also when using pictures and graphics, I must be sure to include examples from all walks of life. I will use various styles of delivery in order to maximise inclusion, and by mixing earners up during exercises I can ensure that everybody gets to work with everybody else.

I expect that while teaching first aid I will get to hear of real-world examples and and also encourage others to speak up. There may be times that when trying to accommodate a learners’ needs, I could be in danger of overstepping my role by trying to help them. I need to be able to refer them to another source of help in this case. I am fortunate that all my learners, and myself work for the same company and we have an established support system in lace.

I also have contacts who deal with Key Skills such as literacy and numeracy that I can refer to. I need to remember that there will be problems beyond the remit of my company, and that in these cases I should be equipped with the knowledge to point learners in the right direction. For instance, the Citizens Advice Bureau, local GPs, local self-help groups etc. It is important that I treat other professionals in a respectful way, the same way that I expect my learners to treat each other, no matter who they are.


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