Promoting a website

In this assignment, I will be investigating the use of the internet by English Country Cottages. I intend to look at both primary and secondary sources from which to cite information. The primary sources that I will use are English Country Cottages and their customers (through a questionnaire) as well as Chris Studman from CWN. The Secondary source I will use is the internet. Marketing is the promotion of a product good or service by its owner company.

The four P’s are essential for Marketing and advertising they are:- Product- The thing that is being sold by the company. * Price- How much the product costs. * Place-Where they are selling it. * Promotion-How they get it known what their product is. The World Wide Web commonly known as the web is a series of documents linked together and accessed through the internet and it was founded in 1994. Many businesses us the internet for their marketing and in the 21st century it is almost impossible to run a business successfully without its aid.

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However, it is not cheap as you need to have money with which to maintain the website once it is running. As well as having their own site the web allows intercompany communication and communication with clients through video conferencing for instance Skype. What makes a good website? To make a good website many factors need to be taken into account this includes the fact that you have to know the purpose of the website. The fundamental purpose of all websites is to appeal to its target market. The main things wanted by all age groups is that the website is easy to use.

This includes having call to action buttons so for instance English Country Cottages has a large Check Availability ; Pricing button this is good as it tells a customer the way to go if you would like to book. All key points should be seen as soon as you open the page in your browser because if there is not enough information there then people may leave. It also has to be a clean webpage so that it is fast to load as people will give up if it takes too long to load the page. The website also has to be informative so that people know enough about the product before they pay as well as all the information being up to date.

Contact details should be easily accessible and should only be landlines not mobile numbers as it puts people off. There should be no mistakes and all links should be working. If possible, it is a good idea to have an easy web address to remember especially staff as it is a bad thing if the staff do not know the web address. Another thing that a business can do on the web is converse with their customers via E-mail. If a company receives mail they should reply as soon as possible, otherwise potential customers may be lost.

Online Shopping Sites Online shopping sites should be trustworthy and so should not have association with Russia or Romania, as this increases the perception of risks. It also must not have too many steps, as this will aggravate customers who then may decide not to shop with you and leave your site meaning you turnover less money and resulting in a lower profit. All the details must be clear including the delivery charges and all of the ownership details as this will build an element of trust between you and your consumer.

One of the most important things for the business is the accuracy of prices as if you advertise for a price you must sell for a price. If a product is advertised too cheap then the business will make a loss however if it is too high then you may find that custom is lost. Promoting a website Google is the biggest search engine on the internet today. It accounts for 90% of internet searches so you want to make sure that your website is on the first page, as this will increase chances of people clicking on your links.

Google currently have over 200 search parameters or criteria to rank websites these include the relevance and in-formativeness of your website. It is important to get links to your website and this may include online-offsite advertising so that users of other sites know you are there. Google is the biggest online advertiser and so paying for that advertising space may mean potential customers. E-mail marketing is another good option as it is very cheap but you need people to opt in and many don’t as it clutters their inbox.

Another way to advertise is to put your web address on things you don’t throw away as they may be curious as to what you do for example on mugs. Billboards are another good place to advertise as millions of people may read them every year. Social media is the next big thing with over 1/2 a billion people on Facebook 1/14 of the worlds people. Having a page on social networks is often free and so is a cheap way to advertise and tell your consumers what you are doing as well as getting feedback. Mobile advertising is also a relatively new thing with companies like Tesco making apps to help people compile shopping lists etc.