The term “process” means the series of tasks which has
to be executed to achieve an output.

So, in an organization, in the development of any
project, these processes play a crucial role in it’s execution.

It’s the processes, which are executed in a
chronological order or simultaneously according to the requirement of any other
function that are interdependent on each other.

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So, for any project management, there are various
process groups which help in the successful execution of it.

They are as follows :-

Ø Initiating

Ø Planning

Ø Executing

Ø Monitoring
and Controlling process

Ø Closing







This process takes place at every stage of the project

Here, the goals and the project is defined in brief.

This happens at the start of the project

This process is important for the clarity of the work
being done by the employees of the organization.

Things taken care here are project charter and
stakeholder registration.



This process is all dependent on the initiating
process of the project.

Here, the whole project development is divided into
parts which is then distributed to various departments for the execution.

Things taken care under this are the documents that bound
scope, list of requirements, documents providing estimation of the cost of the
project and other further analysis.

This process is important because a product
development has various parts to be taken care of. So, for the scheduled
execution under supervision, planning is the process which makes sure that this

This also has the discussion of the project team,
because the delivering of the complete product is the goal which can be
achieved by having a proper team.

This also includes devising and maintaining a workable
scheme, which will help in meeting the demands of the organization.

This is the most important process as the whole
execution of the product is based on this planning, so a little mistake here
can lead to any amount of loss to the organization.





This process is just the development of the planned
things of the product development.

Here, all the plans and maps which have been framed
are executed.

This process is all dependent on the planning process,
as whatever has been planned for the project is executed here.

Here we have to deal with the programming tools and
languages for the development.

Here, continuous updates are very important.



As the product is being made, in between its course,
meetings are very important.

This is because there can be many updates or changes
from the client which cannot be avoided. So they also have to be considered.

Apart from just client requirements, there has to be
proper control over the development of the product.

This makes it easy for the other departments to move correctly
with their role of the development as we know that they are all interdependent
on each other.

Here, all the reports are being made and the analysis
is done.

There are a lot of team meetings which helps in the
further planning of the upcoming weeks.

The client is also updated here all the time.



This defines that the project has been ended

Here, the project acceptance is done by the client and
the organization signs off from the project.

Although continuous updates and feedbacks are

Here the project manager takes care of the final
payments to be made and files a document stating the lessons being learnt and
archiving the records of the work being done by the organization.




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