1. How did you get into project management? -I was in a relatively small company; it didn’t have formal project management but had the need to undertake a major, industry wide initiative. The rest was history. 2. If you had to rate the job of project manager on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how would you rate it? -I would rate it a 9 3. Briefly explain the reason for your rating. What do you enjoy most and what do you like least about being a project manager? -I gave it a 9 because the position gives you enough freedom in handling the project. Your creativity and strategic thinking also flourishes impressively with this job.

However, there are times when you, of course do not have the last say. The owner has that privilege. So, even though you do not agree to the final decision, all you can do is gracefully accept it. 4. How do you add value to your projects? -By feeling the real need of customers and clients without acting as a sales person but working as a consultant. This can add much more value to projects. Hence, people will be more acceptable towards trusting that you will help their growth and meet the goal. 5. What are some of the tools or software that you use and what is your opinion of those tools? We have film advertising and freelance clients, so we make use of Skype and email applications. These tools and many more are all very helpful in monitoring and coordinating with people especially when dealing with the time difference. 6. How do you feel about environment vs. productivity? -Although, some team members could become careless if your environment is not productive. It is the responsibility of the project manager to ensure that the team’s output meets the performance requirements. You should not wait for a status report to communicate frequently with your team.

I feel that it is important to remind them of their goals step by step. 7. Do you have any suggestions for future project managers? -I think it would be great if you could attend a project management course and get a certificate to add to your credential. Although, a certificate may be the lesser of practiced, hands on, or actual experience it is about taking all what you have learned and applying it to the best of your abilities. As with any position it is always important that you be flexible and very open minded. Be totally unafraid to think out of the box.


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