Professional medical organizations

Every organization in the world is set up to achieve certain defined vision, follow a mission statement and defines their objectives for success. This body sets at doing this with the input of members whop contribute passively and actively to the progress of the association. Similarly, professional medical organizations do have their members; interest incorporated into their scheme of activities.

There a host of these organizations for physicians, surgeons, pathologists, pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists. As the medical profession is wide, so also are these organizations numerous. But one would find out that they do have something in common: an allegiance to the Hippocratic Oath. Here, the interests of two parties become paramount: the doctor and his family, and the patient. This is the foundation of virtually all these bodies.

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Besides, with the current trend in legal matters against doctors, arguments over the Iron Triangle of Health: cost, accessibility and quality, doctors have been driven in unity to find lasting solutions to issues raised by such public concern. This has become a major agenda for these bodies. They now seek to strike a balance between the ethical interests of the patient and his family, and the doctor’s duty as a physician. Besides, dutifully representing the yearnings of members at public gatherings, they do also provide facilities for defense of credible members in medico-legal matters.

Professional medical organizations do have members’ interest incorporated into their programs: these include promotion of excellence and dedication to the medical profession, improved hitch-free patient-doctor relationships, and improved welfare schemes for members, government relations directed at improving the quality of health care services, health policies and better working environment for the members. They also do this by promoting research and publications. Members’ interests promoted are directed at improved doctor service and maintaining the sanity and nobility of medical profession.