Professional Language Use

“Languages are the pedigrees of nations. ” ? It aids in nation-building. A nation’s overall stability is evident on the strength of its language. The quality of communication among members of society determines its success. Low-quality triggers chaos and discord. Therefore, if a professional organization is akin to a nation, its success or failure springs from the quality of interaction among its members. A visit to any office or company generates a profound manifestation on the level and style of communication it practices.

The way its members interact among themselves and the manner they treat visitors, clearly demonstrates how professional the company is or lack thereof. Courtesy and respect are among the best practices that can ultimately raise and improve an institution’s core competency. They define value. Everybody wants to be part of an organization where human dignity and personal worth are given much importance. “Respect a man, he will do the more. ” ? Recently, I visited an attorney’s office. I was asked to have some important documents signed by a lawyer.

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The office was fairly small but well-furnished. The floor was covered with a deeper shade of red carpet. The furniture looked antiquated but not unattractive. It was intentionally made to look like antiques. The moment the receptionist greeted me and asked for my concern, I momentarily forgot where I was. She sounded so accommodating and sincere. From then on I noticed how well the people in the office communicated with one another. The tone of their voices and the word they used resounded with earnestness and empathy. A thought instantly swooped upon my head on how professional they were.

They conducted themselves according to the environment they were in. It was a law office and any conduct less than appropriate would definitely put it on a bad light. The lawyer, himself, was as obliging as his staff. I got what I came for with ease and comfort. A regular visit to the dentist also made me discover the level of professionalism they observe. The assistants always see to it that the patients are comfortable. They go an extra mile to make everyone feel special and assure that only the best service will be provided to you.

It helps, especially during visits when there are a lot of patients on queue. Once it is your turn, the dentist gives you his assurance that everything is fine. He then explains in the simplest of terms the findings he made, making you feel all the more secure and confident. I felt satisfied in both instances. I was given the service I deserved and something more- respect. Money cannot buy it. One can only hope in his dealings with people that it will transpire appropriately. In the offices that I visited, I made a discovery.

Professionalism begets success. The presence of their clients made it quite obvious. Successful organizations always try to cultivate an environment where people’s actions remain in accordance with what is proper and correct. In short they follow rules. These rules may concern speech, dress, or any other specific behavior. These offices recognize the importance of rules to achieve their mission and vision. In a professional environment there are a lot of factors to consider: culture, gender, race, age, education, etc.

All these factors contribute to the shaping of the whole subculture that is the workplace. It is therefore necessary to demand the most fitting behavior possible. Language plays an important role in establishing a specific kind of work environment. Through it we can make out what kind of people, from the top of the ranks to the most inferior in position, we are dealing with. We can then interpret the norms of interaction this particular office or company observes. The way they address and refer to people say a lot about their class.

A workplace, as mentioned, is a subculture and the people who work there need to spend a part of their life inside. How people in a workplace interact with one another greatly affects them and their performance. The use of professional language shapes the work culture. It promotes cooperation. The way superiors treat their subordinates, during meetings, office calls or feedbacks, affects them significantly. Whether giving out praises or corrective assessments, managers should have flair for words and know how to say it with apt consideration.

As quoted earlier, respect a man and he will do more. The employees will be inspired to work harder when they are appreciated. They become optimistic. Many companies are gearing towards the advancement of a much stronger relationship between management and employees. They are coming up with procedures that break the austere and formal walls between them. Strategies like the open-door policy, where any employee can sit down and talk with anybody about any concern or the dropping of conventional salutations like Madam or Sir encourages trust.

It projects an atmosphere of openness and sincerity. There is a fine line between working with integrity and working for the sake of it. When people are motivated to work due to the level of professionalism practiced by a company, they gain more positive results. That translates more revenues for the company. The use of professional language and interaction greatly affects a company’s performance. It acts as the very foundation of the company itself, holding everything in place. “Speak the language of the company you are in; speak it purely, and unlarded with any other. ” ?