Professional Interviewing technique

The professional role that is going to be discussed in the paper is the role of human resources specialist, who is interviewing a job applicant. The organization, where the human resource specialist works, is a medium-size trading company (the main things it trades are home equipment and electric appliances). The company is just entering the market and it is not known to the general audience – final consumers. The job applicant, whom the human resources specialist interviews, applies for the position of finance analytics.

The type of the interview that is going to be conducted combines the signs of selection and recruitment interviews. Selection interview is referred to as such, because HR specialist intends to choose the right applicant for the given position. However, since the company is just entering the market and doesn’t have established reputation and given the interest of the organization to hire professional to enhance company’s success, it is also the goal of recruiter to provide the applicant with the information about the company to provoke the desire to join it.

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That is why this type of interview is also considered to be a recruitment one. The place for the interview should be very formal on one hand; on the other hand it should be comfortable enough for the interviewee. Such a place might be a special room for interviewing (preferably, but not all the companies have it), conference room or HR private office. The place must testify the importance of the company and prove it to be a comfortable place to stay.

For instance, if the organization has special room for interviewing, it means that it pays especial importance for human resources management function and to some extent it might testify that this organization values its employees. Interview setting is the second important thing with regard to the interviewing process. The setting must not just convince the applicant that the company he is applying to is serious and doesn’t possess any risks to him, but also dispose the applicant for a frank and professional conversation.

Once again, the setting should create comfort for the applicant in the situation that our HR specialist experiences. Comfortable setting means that that the room should be light enough, with soft chair to sit, the temperature should be normal, may be a little chilling, the applicant should be provided with a paper and a pen to write down necessary notes. Generally, all selective interviews have preliminary stages – searching for resumes, evaluating resumes, selecting resumes and holding preliminary telephone interview to find out additional information and to invite a person for the interview.

Selective interviews usually have four-part structure — opening, background, discussion, and closing. The opening should dispose the applicant towards the interview. It must be an emotional contact, which can be established by asking personal questions such as “Did you find the address easily? “ or something like that. It is important to establish eye contact with the interviewee and to have agreeable tone. This will create general favorable agreeable atmosphere between the two.

Then, goes the background phase of the interview, during which the HR specialists needs to find as much relevant background information on the applicant, as possible. It is useful to apply Gestalt theoretical model to conduct the background phase, since it is the foremost task to verify the information that was put in resume, as well as find out to what extent the applicant matches the needed professional characteristics. Though one of the goals of the interview is to interest person to remain in the organization, the position of financial analysts requires serious skills and knowledge.

Therefore, the interview has to be objective and to figure out the true suitability of the person for the given position. The client/person model is applicable for the next phase – discussion. The main objective is to understand whether the applicant fits the organization (not the position). Here, it is important to clarify the aspirations of the applicant and the expectations of the company. Therefore, the frank conversation has to take place. That is why, the client/person theoretical model is preferable on this phase.

Finally, the last phase of the interview is closing. It should be also agreeable similarly to the opening phase. It is important tat HR specialist explains all the further steps of selection process for the candidate. In such a way, the type of the interview and interview technique and of HR specialist depends on the position he is hiring, the status of the company, and the possibilities of the company (for instance, the availability of space etc. )