Personally if I was playing in the big leagues I would love to make tens of millions of dollars myself. But I do not think they deserve such high compensation. Simply, for the fact that they do not do anything, that will help the community or save others. Although they do provide us with entertainment I feel the people that should be making tens of millions of dollars should be the people whom are saving others. The money given to the athletes could be used for more probable causes.

This is enough money to feed the nation’s poor for a year or to provide a lot more housing and shelters for the homeless. Others could benefit from the millions being wasted on these athletes. Many athletes raise and donate money to charity. The United Way has become one of the largest charities due to the publicity and donations given by these athletes. Many of these athletes are not frugal with their money. They help our economy by spending excessive amounts of money.

The public needs to realize that without the sky-high spending, the economy would not function as well as it does now. In closing, these athletes are making too much money in a society that traditionally bases salaries on the value of ones work. These athletes do not know what real work is or how hard it is to make a dollar. Although their job is difficult, they do not play a role in our economy like their salaries indicate. Therefore, they should receive less money.


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