Process for Naturalization Carlos Muniz ETH/125 CULTURAL DIVERSITY 7/20/2011 Rita Rawson Process for Naturalization For an immigrant to be a green card holder or permanent resident they must follow several steps in order to complete the naturalization process. According to the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services; you can be a U. S. citizen by taking a Naturalization test or be born from a U. S. Citizen.

To apply for Nationalization you must request a form from the host nation which you are trying to gain citizenship from. In the United States of America you must use the N-400 form (Reference 2) and be able to pass a Naturalization test. There are a few other prerequisites in order to finish this naturalization process. For example you must have been a spouse for minimum of 3 years or be in the U. S. military. (Reference 2) The second way of obtaining citizenship from America is to simply have been born from at least one U.

S. American parent with valid citizenship. (Reference 1) The Pros of this process is it gives immigrants an equal opportunity to become a citizen of the United States of America. Also it protects the U. S. Citizens from potential terrorists from gaining access to come and go freely from America to whichever nation there from. The cons of the process are that it takes years to even be eligible to apply and they can be deported prior to be able to apply.

Another Con is if you fail to reapply for your green card or citizenship it can result in instant deportation after notice and loss of employment within host nation and you would have to start over your whole naturalization process and can possibly be fined if you try to evade deportation. The process for citizenship discriminates against people from middle-eastern decent. Ever since the bombing of the twin towers it would be harder for anybody from middle-eastern decent to apply for citizenship without a background check and accountability for where then been the last few years.

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