Well, I strongly believe that the article is in the favour of mass segment. Although I don’t understand the whole concept of so called privatisation of higher education, I strongly believe education sector having humongous opportunity for an investment is what govt looking for. If I were to go with what has been enlighten in one of the comment for this article is of politician and corporate are seeking their potential in the sector, I think it’s probably be right, as all of us know both of them need large audience and education sector is not only the productive to deliver return on investment, but also is a sector which forms an opinion.All I care is that what govt is trying to do out here? If filling out investment gap is the only aim to strengthen economy then I must say this can’t be done on the stake of young generation.

Why isn’t govt concentrating on proper warehousing of crop that goes wasted just because of rain for that matter? We still have majority of population below 54% of literacy rate, but emphasis are just for the name sake.By privatisation of higher education are we trying to compete with so called develop countries? If at all that is the motive then I believe thoughts needs to be put on to the fact that half of the young generation of these countries can’t afford higher education just because of cost implication. Why the hell govt wants to make it impossible for the advantage we have over the world of having youngest generation by having such illogical rationale of privatisation of education.

First of all there should be a need based analysis before reaching up to the conclusion of implementing or I would rather call it suggesting or proposing such plans. Has the govt analyzed current need in higher education sector? If yes where are those analysis? What is the frame work that suggests that privatisation is the best possible solution to the education sector or for that matter it is good for the economic growth (if at all this is the aim).As per the present scenario privatisation should not be allowed in the higher education reason being that government education system is the only best destination that public can afford and reach as compared to private education system which not only be the higher in terms of cost but there will be several other issues like quality of education etc. I am not completely in favour denying privatisation of education down the 20 years but I would rather emphasise the process that should take a steps to eradicate inequality in regards with letting potential candidate to fulfil her/his dreams and make it big for the country.