In the propaganda poster about forest fires the U. S. Department of Agriculture claims that people can prevent most forest fires. The U. S. Department of Agriculture tries to prevent forest fires. They made the ad to influence people to at least become knowledgeable about how to prevent forest fires. The poster attracts the attention of the audience through color, images, and text. The U. S. Government effectively achieves its rhetorical goals through the use of value and fact claims. The main colors used in the visual are bright red and orange. These colors represent a warning and that danger is coming.

By just the colors alone people can see that forest fires are dangerous. The distinction between the angry red and orange background to the soft colors of the tree and animals show that the fire is out to destroy. The use of the colors creates a more realistic feel. People can actually imagine or witness a forest fire and see the damage it causes. The two main images are of a woodland family and a tree. The squirrels immediately grab the audience’s attention because of the emotions displayed by the squirrels and also because the location of the images, which is right in the middle of the poster.

The tree shows that they are in a forest and the background also shows that there is a fire. The squirrels’ faces are looking upward, which indicates a feeling of fear and wonder. The tree represents life and also the animals’ home, which is going to be destroyed by the fire. The audience can relate to the woodland family because not only do forest fires destroy their home but it can also destroy ours too. Since the squirrels faces are pointed upward it leads the audience to the text on the poster, which basically says that people can prevent forest fires. There really is not any white available space.

The only white space is where the text is. The visual is not cluttered and goes together nicely. The text, “Another Enemy to Conquer, Forest Fires, and 9 Out of 10 can be Prevented” tells you what the ad is about. It adds to the sense of danger that the audience already acquired from the graphics. However, the text also leaves the audience wondering how they can prevent forest fires. It can only be assumed that the audience would find other sources to find it out. The text is written in black lettering which catches the audience’s attention because of the white background it lies on.

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The text, “Forest Fires” is bigger than the rest of the text to show that forest fires are big, scary, and dangerous. The phrase, “9 Out of 10 can Be Prevented” is in blue lettering to catch the audiences’ eye by using a brighter color than the rest. The propaganda poster uses color, images, and text to achieve the rhetorical stance. To establish the ethos in the poster, it uses text to show the U. S. Department of Agriculture, State Forest Service knows how to prevent forest fires. The motivation is seen through the text, the colors, and the graphics.

The motivation would be forest fires. The purpose is related to the text because the text basically says what the purpose is, which is to prevent wild fires. The audience would be women, people who care about nature and animals, and also outdoors men and women. The visual appeal is to the “need to nature” which is often directed at women. The context is an ongoing conversation of trying to fix the problem, and people knowing what causes forest fires, but doing nothing to prevent it even when most of the time forest fires are caused by people.


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