Childhood obesity is when a child is overweight and has or will have many serious health risks. Ji Li and Neal H. Hooker, in “Childhood Obesity and Schools,” explains that “childhood obesity is more than a problem in children; it is linked to adult obesity” (97). If a child is obese, she will stay obese in her adulthood. Helping children to stay healthy with the support of their parents and the school can prevent this problem. Jane E. Brody, in “ ‘Diabesity,’ a Crisis in an Expanding Country,” points out “two recent clinical trials showed that type 2 diabetes could be prevented by changes in diet and exercise” (207).

The parents and the school can help children with their eating habit and to motivate them to do physical activities. They need to pay attention to this situation because children will have health problems and suffer with the consequences in their adulthood. Parents are the most important support system to prevent childhood obesity. Brody confirms that, “Lunchrooms equipped with refrigerators and microwaves will allow workers to bring healthful meals to work” (207). This would not work for Hispanic parents who cook a lot fry food since it’s part of their culture.

Therefore, they can bring their fried food to work. This proves Yvette M. Sealy in “Parents’ Food Choice: Obesity Among Minority Parents and Children” statement “Hispanic often involves cooking with large quantities of sodium, sugar, fats and frying in oils” (2). If they cut back by adding less sodium, sugar, etc because food already has salt in it and adding more will cause the person to gain weight. How would they help their children to eat healthy if parents can’t set good example for themselves and eat healthy on their own.

If parents can’t set themselves good examples, their children will follow their footsteps. Carrie Fredericks, in Obesity points out that, “most children mimic what their parents do” (38). If children see their parents eat chips, drink soda or eat other unhealthy food, children will want to eat it as well. This can lead children to get use to eating unhealthy food if their parents don’t change their eating habits. But if children were to see their parents doing exercise or outdoor activates such as riding bikes or running, it will motive them to do the same thing.

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This proves Li and Hooker explanation, “regularly exercising parents decrease the chance of their child being overweight” (101). Parents need to set good example for themselves in order to have good influence on their children. Some parents are not strong enough to say no to their children when they want to go to McDonald. Children want to go to McDonald to get the toy from the happy kids meal that they see on TV. This show that Brody is right about his statement, “a food industry and mass media that lure children to eat the wrong foods and too much of them” (205).

The children wants the toy as they see on the McDonald commercial and they beg to their parents to go to McDonald till their parents give up. Parents give up because they want their children to be happy and to stop annoying them. If parents want to keep their children healthy, they should say no even if their children begs for it because as a parent should have control. Some children enjoy sleeping late because they want to watch their favorite cartoon show on a school night. Getting a lack of sleep before another day of school can also cause children to become obesity.

Fredericks explains that, “getting proper amounts of sleep can also help prevent obesity” (37). When children don’t get proper sleep, they’re too tired to participate on outdoor activities or too tired to get active in their gym class. When they don’t get active, they don’t burn fats by running around with their friends. The fats will increase more and they will begin to gain weight if they start to go to bed early so they have a full energy to start a new day. Parents should make their children to go to bed early and if their children don’t want to, as a parents should take control for what is right for their children.

Not only watching TV late at night cause obesity on children but technology can interferes with children choosing to do outdoor activities. Sarah Aase, in “The Modern Lifestyle Contributes to Obesity” explains that “some experts lay part of the blame for obesity on technological advances” (32). Children prefer to play online games or watch TV then to go outside to ride their bikes and parents need to encourage them to do physical activities. Fredericks mentions, “many families gathered round television sets instead of pursuing physical outdoor activities” (10).

Parents need to participate with their children to do outdoor activities such as riding a bike or play sports together instead of sitting down and watching TV. If a parents want to keep their children healthy, they need to get involve with their children to stay healthy themselves. Brody states that, “Dr. Kaufman explained, are the failure of schools to set good examples” (206). When children have gym class, their teachers don’t motive them to participate in physical activities.

Children prefer to sit down and talk to their friends during gym class but not only does the schools don’t motive the children to participate, the school doesn’t have money. Fredericks explains “schools that have cut physical education classes to meet budgetary needs” (17). Some schools don’t have enough money to get exercise equipment but there is no need for the equipment to do exercise. Exercise can be done by running, walking or riding bikes. The schools have campus to be able to take the children outside to play or run around with their friends.

The school needs to help children exercise to be able to prevent obesity by motivating them to participate in physical activities during gym class or take them out the campus to play outside. Not only does the school need to help the children to do exercise by motivating them to play outside but they need to help them with their eating habits. Schools have vending machines filled with chips, which make children choose to eat unhealthy food, but the school can take away the chips and add healthy snacks. Brody explains that, “vending machines can be removed or dispense only healthful snack” (207).

Children will get use to eat healthy food in school by only purchasing healthy snack from the vending machines and it will help reduce the risk of being obesity. If parents and school understand more about obesity, they will take more attention to help prevent childhood obesity so the children will not suffer in their adulthood. Li and Hooker explain, “overweight and obese children are increasingly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes” (97). People need to realize that obesity is a serious problem and type 2 diabetes isn’t the only health problem.

Brody points out that, “Diabetes, with its consequences of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, amputations and blindness” (206). Heart attack is difficult to know when it’s coming, the person will never know when she will have another heart attack. People who have diabetes have to check their sugar blood level by taking blood from their finger and the finger is a sensitive part of the body to place a needle in. Stroke is similar to a heart attack and having a kidney failure is a horrible condition. Normally, people can survive having one kidney but imagine having both of the kidney to fail, someone need to donate their kidney.

Blindness is a sad thing a person has to deal with. They will not be able to see their love one again. Once parents and the school see that obesity is a serious problem and learn the consequences, they will learn that children will be in danger later on in the future. Obesity is a serious condition for children but with the help of parents and the school, childhood obesity can be prevented and children won’t suffer in their adulthood. Parents need to set good example to their children by eating healthy food and to say no to their children when they want to go McDonald because of the toy they want as they see on commercial.

Parents also have to force their children to go to bed early to have full energy to be active for the next morning and to motivate their children to go outside instead of watching TV or playing online games. School need to take actions by motivating children to participate outdoor activities and remove unhealthy food on the vending machines. Parents and the school also need to realize the consequences of being obesity to understand the reason to prevent it.


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