PREFACE all the abundance of grace and the

PREFACE Praise the presence of God Almightyfor all the abundance of grace and the gift of him so that the creation of thispaper can be able to complete the author well. I also say many thanks to allthose who have contributed in giving his ideas on paper so that your donationis for the better. Term paper writing is expected toprovide information for the readers, about “The Bomb Exploded, The Sea inDamaged” a lot happened in the sea area of Indonesia from past to present.I realized because of limitedknowledge and experience, this paper still has many shortcomings, therefore,criticism and suggestions from readers who build it is desirable for the sakeof perfection of this paper.    Jakarta, 25thDecember 2017    Nurma Sari Isnaini          CHAPTER IINTRODUCTION 1.

1  Issue BackgroundIndonesia is an archipelago with avast sea area and is expected to reach 5.8 million km2. As we know 3/4from the territory of the country is the ocean. In the Sea there are manysources of high-protein food that is eating the fish, energy from currents andwaves of sea water, as well as minerals and products with high selling pricelike pearls. The Sea also serves as a producer of oxygen is necessary for humanlife or for the media transportation far in life.A sea of Indonesia is rich inbiodiversity, it is estimated there are 350 species of fauna, of which thereare 32 of 87 kinds of marine mammals in the world of a group of dolphins,dugong, endangered whales, and that is the Blue Whale (Balaenoptera Musculus), not just that alone but also Indonesiaocean habitat of sharks and rays of the world, there are 157 of 596 kinds whichcan be found in Indonesia, including the endangered species that is a Whale Shark(Rhicodon Typus) and Oceanic MantaRays (Manta Birostris).

Types ofturtles at sea world can also be found in the sea of Indonesia, because thereare 6 of the 7 types of turtles, including the Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys Coriacea).In addition to the fauna, there are28,000 species of flora. Among them there are 2,600 species of coral reefs.

Amount that exceeds than the Red Sea Coral Reef. Coral reef are home to fishbreeding. A nice coral reef in a sea area of Indonesia can produce 3-10 tons offish km2 per year. Coral reefs and mangrove forests is contributingapproximately 60% of the fish food source of animal protein for the people ofIndonesia.

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Withan area of maritim Indonesia and there are a variety of natural wealth in it,sometimes it’s hard to keep an eye on what Indonesia sea adjoining the territoryof other countries. Moreover, many people are making use of the results of thesea and were taken in a major way, we can see many human activities that mayharm the sea with the bomb, because that’s the very cause for concern whenthere are many huge sea damage and could not imaginable. In addition to humanactivity, natural disaster that could not have known when the occurrence. Maybethe absence of a sea in Indonesia, human life will not run smoothly.

Thereforethe Nations as a private in accordance with the “Pancasila” alreadywe should be more loving and caring for ecosystems projects around the beachand sea in Indonesia that sustainable and equitable. 1.2  Problem IdentificationBased on the background that are written, the issue will bediscussed in this paper include:1.

     How is the condition of the of Indonesia sea now? 2.     What causes ocean Indonesia be destroyed? 3.     How to cope with the crushed Indonesia sea conditions? 4.     What is the Pancasila point of view about the conditionof Indonesia sea? 1.3  The PurposeProblem formulation based on the above, the purpose of thewriting in this paper are as follows:1.

     Find out the condition of the sea of Indonesia that ishappening now.2.     Find out the problem that caused the sea in Indonesiabeing destroyed. 3.     Knowing how to cope with the damage to the sea ofIndonesia.

4.     Find out about the condition of the sea view ofPancasila Indonesia.   1.

4  The BenefitsTerm paperwriting is expected to provide benefits to everyone, among others:1.     For those readers can add general information aboutocean conditions in Indonesia and also the view of “Pancasila” on themarine.2.     For the Government it can be used for criticism andsuggestions for overcoming Indonesia sea conditions of concern.

CHAPTER IIDISCUSSION  2.1  The Condition of The Indonesia SeaCountryIndonesia is the midpoint of the Coral triangle region of the world whichincludes the Philippines, Malaysia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands,and Indonesia it self.  Not unexpectedlyturns out that Indonesia sea save a wealth of marine resources. Also as much as17,506 islands of Indonesia are surrounded by 81,000 km of coastline with greateconomic potential. Many resources (non renewable resources), such as petroleum,natural gas, bauxite, tin, iron ore, manganese, phosphorus and other mineralsin the sea of Indonesia.But in fact the currentIndonesia sea conditions are very poor, many coral reefs damaged happenseverywhere, illegal fishing is happening everywhere, as well as capture moreexperienced (over-fishing) mainly in the waters around Java, Sumatra andSulawesi is partly a result of fishermen that accumulate around the area andmeans of catching fish that are uneven where there are around 7000 foreignships operating in the sea of Indonesia. Illegal fishing in Indonesia reachthree to four million tons each year with a total loss of Rp 15 trillion to Rp20 trillion.

Perhapsa large number of human deeds directly or indirectly encourage ecosystem on theextinction of fish species and destruction of the residences of various sealife, such as the mangrove, seagrass and coral reefs.  The real condition of the coral reefs in thesea of Indonesia at present is 41.78% in damaged condition, 28.30% in mediumcondition, 23.72% and in good condition, and 6.2% were still in very good condition.The face of fisheries and coral reefs of Indonesia.

Coral and fish supplies Indonesiathreatened by destructive fishing practices (destructive fishing), namelyfishing using explosives and poison potassium-cyanide has been prevalent inmany of the Islands in Indonesia, even in areas that are protected though. Thedisadvantage of approximately 100,000 dollar per km2 for 20 yearsand Indonesia has suffered losses amounting to 8.5 billion dollars. The case mentioned above many resultin quite serious impact, for marine ecosystems in Indonesia. The Government hasalready built the basic points along the beach at the outer position of theleading Islands Marine limit rises, there is also some sea boundary agreement:with India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Australia.

The above facts suffice as the basis to improve the conditionof the seas of Indonesia as national development. Industries such as oil andgas, transport, fisheries, and tourism accounted for 25% of Gross DomesticIncome (GDP) countries and 15% from the field work in Indonesia. Partyconstruction and the management of the immediate vicinity of the Sea also getpressure politically to donate foreign exchange for Indonesia with the policiesalready set.  The Sea also provided apositive impact as marine energy, namely the energy waves, tides, wind, andocean thermal energy conversion.WorldOcean day also set forth on 8 June. Minister of marine (Susi Pudjiastuti) alreadyfirm and crack down on offenders who commit Illegal Fishing, “The policyof scuttling foreign ships or by burning them directly available site aims tomake the effect of deterrent for foreign ships who come without permission, hasprovoked a reaction among the neighboring countries”.(Siregar,2016).

Regulations that have already beenfirmly established, stay the course management for managing coastal ecosystemscoastal and Ocean Management “principles should include efforts inplanning, utilization, maintenance, control, evaluation and restoration,rehabilitation, development and conservation of the marine and coastalenvironment “.(Samekto,2016)..2.2  Causes Ocean Indonesia be Destroyed1.     Use of Explosives Indonesiais prone to sea-exposed fish bombing because it ships that operate not onlybelong to the fishermen just Indonesia but also many fishermen from differentcountries from outside the region like Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines,Cambodia, East Timor, China and Thailand.

As if it is hard to be stoppedbecause of lack of facilities such as fishing port that exists around theoutermost regions Indonesia sea.Picture 1Bombing Fish and Coral Reefs         2.     Dump intoThe Sea Because of the many trash on ground not often we find a lotof trash into the sea as well, and the garbage that frequently encountered suchas plastic, bottles, even the rest of human food. In fact all types of wastethat can pollute sea water, the more it gets worse all that interfere with theactivity of marine life such as fish, turtles, seals or coral. A lot of sealife that died because ate the junk that trashed us, coral reefs also destroyedby garbage.Picture 2Dump into The Sea        3.      Taking Coral Reefs Mostpeople take with many coral reefs for sale because it is nice to be made intodecorating the home. But this is the wrong thing, coral reefs should be treatedso that the sea of Indonesia still have good conditions.

But not a bit of coralreef researchers also take to cultivated.Picture 3Illegal Taking Of Coral Reefs     4.     Use Artificial Chemicals Currentchemicals to catch fish much used, falling another cyanide poison (sodium cyanide), uses kerosene andliquid chemical fertilizer, which dissolved in the sea water make dead fish.But how to catch fish this is strictly prohibited, because it could damage themarine ecosystem can also poison the fish whose flesh will we consume later.Picture 4Chemicals in the Waste into the sea    5.

      Beach Reclamation Itturns out that very much has many negative effects, including the decimation ofmarine biota and habitats of plants so that the balance of the ecosystem is disrupted.Marine pollution also occurs due to the activities of the reclamation areaaround making a lot of dead fish.Picture 5Beach Reclamation Brings Bad Impacts     6.     Legal Institutions Institutionsare still weak whereas institutional role to address illegal fishing is veryimportant, but sometimes a man forget his role because blinded byself-interest.

“Fishing is of economic policy during this time tends to bemore in favour of fishery resource exploitation activities against resulting inweak institutional management and law enforcement”.(Bambang & Bowo, 2002).Picture 6The weak Legal institutions      2.3  Solution for Crushed Indonesia Sea Conditions Marineecosystems has many benefits for mankind. Preserving the oceans, will have animpact on the balance of the ecosystem on Earth.

As part of the Earth’secosystems, maintaining the sustainability of the sea greatly in need. Becauseof the sea as well as the one of the water sources, as well as a regulator oftemperature on Earth. How to preserve a sea include:·        Empowerment and Control Pollution at Sea Inthe empowerment of the marine environment of tourism, aquaculture, seaweed orfish farming. Government’s role should be in advance so that the process ofempowerment it is running smoothly.

To note also the waste generated is usuallydangerous and disruptive presence of biota. Therefore, before the waste isdisposed of must be processed, so is not endangering the oceans.·        Maintain An Attitude Of Love For The MarineEnvironment.Itshould because the sea has an important role for life subjects, it needs to bepreserved in various ways such as: disposing of trash in its place, notexploiting coral reefs and fish is excessive, catch fish with a friendly wayenvironment without wearing a tiger trawler or bombs that can ruin the beautyof the sea.·        Do Mangrove Reclamation Plantingmangroves along the coast is very important to prevent the occurrence ofabrasion, besides the mangrove forest is also the home of marine life such asmangrove crabs breed, when it’s expanded and became much consumed also the sameman.·        Prevent The Wild Hunt Increasingage, consumption continued to rise and forcing the human being greedy to catchmarine life, and without realized the more endangered animals. We should caremore about the environment not only for the present but also for the future.·        Provides Penalties for Violators The frequent occurrence ofdamage to the sea makes the country take the role by giving call ads around thecoast to maintain the cleanliness of the sea, issued regulations that provideheavy penalties to parties which violate good by giving sanctions as well asthe prison will make the offenders deterrent.

·        Build a Nature Reserve Around The Beach Thenumber of damage at sea prompted a lot of volunteers who care about theenvironment to build nature reserves with government permission for thepreserve sea life are endangered and there are still many hiking, cultivatingcoral reefs and sea life in order to multiply. 2.4  PancasilaPoint of View About The Condition of Indonesia SeaPancasila is the view of lifeand the hallmark of the nation of Indonesia in the International world. Thevalues in the “Pancasila” also became a part of the history ofsociety and culture of Indonesia. But look at it from the word, supposedly as aman virtuous who uphold Pancasila and the UUD 1945, we believe, can understandand apply Pancasila in social changes, political, cultural and economiccircumstances in accordance with the Indonesia as a great nation.Keep the sustainability ofthe sea is also an important thing Indonesia, such as Koes Plus song (KolamSusu) “Indonesia was land-rich, our land land of heaven, a stick of rockand wood so the plant”. We should be more concerned with the State of thesea waters of Indonesia which can fulfill human life.

According to me the 2ndstatement of Pancasila “Kemanusiaanyang adil dan beradab” very precise, because by taking natural resourcesfairly then it will balance the ecosystem at the moment and the future for ourposterity. The word “civilized” in the Pancasila also illustratesthat in managing the sea of Indonesia, reasonable limits to be appropriate andshould not violate the rules that have been made in the legal regulation ofIndonesia.Itis also stipulated in (UU No. 32 Tahun2014) About marine-related activities in the area of the ocean or seainclude the coastal areas and Islands, should be protected through conservationof the sea, marine pollution control, prevention marine disasters, pollution,and damage. Sometimes “in an effort of the management of the resourcepotential of marine and fisheries, in addition to providing awareness of theimportance of the benefits of marine resources and fisheries to improve thewelfare of the community, also need to be instilled about philosophy inmanaging the resource, it should approach the economic, ecological and social,thus achieved a balance between exploitation and conservation “.(Lasabuda, 2013).

From the quote above, werealize that the importance of sea waters of Indonesia should be maintained inaccordance with the UUD 1945 and Pancasila has been regulated by the country ofIndonesia.             CHAPTER IIICLOSING 3.1  Conclusions and SuggestionsReally very pathetic this rich country,all people do not realize how important it is one of the very useful resourcefor life now and in the future. A rich resource which consists of many fish,many beautiful coral reefs, as well as jewelry material that is the sea,”Resources in the coastal area is the Sustainer of life for the people wholived on the shore for food, firewood, building the other function, andpotential “. (Baransano & C. Mangimbulude, 2011). Without we realize it turns the sea a lotof damage, which occurs not only because of the damage by nature, but becauseof the manner of a person’s hand is not responsible. Man who is neversatisfied, keep taking the entire resources at sea only to interest himself inany way.

Pick it up also the wrong way i.e. do the bombing and catching up withthe chemical, which is very dangerous and can ruin the beauty of nature.Infact we are living not for ourselves, but also for future generations that willrequire resources from the sea for survival.

Then, therefore, let us keep ourseas in various ways, among others, with little things such as throw away trashin place, does not damage the habitat of marine life and coral reefs, namelyadhering to regulations to prevent damage worse yet. For the sake of the futureof Indonesia are friendly with nature and its wonderful anyway. But thesolutions above maximum can run if all parties get involved, either theGovernment or the community. The hope with the good cooperation, then Indonesiawill prosper and be able to cope with the damages to marine ecosystemsthroughout Indonesia at the moment and so on.   BIBLIOGRAPHY        I.           Bambang, S.

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