analysis is a subset of data science used to make prediction about an unknown
future events ( Dumbill et al,2013). Its uses various techniques and tools from
data mining, modelling, machine learning, statistics and artificial
intelligence ,AI, to analyse current data to make predictions about future. It
brings together management, information technology and modelling business processes
(Barton and Court, 2012).

Analysis also encompasses artificial intelligence and machine leaning. Tesco has always been a leader in using data
to track customer buying behaviour and has a strong online presence. Now they
are leveraging the power of big data, analytics and the Internet of Things.
They plan to improve their use of data in order to deal with constantly
changing customer buying patterns and to battle growing competition.

Tesco is going through a declining fortunes and it needs a radical change to
meet consumer’s rapidly evolving needs with more demands on supply chain.
Predictive analytics and Big Data will transform Tesco’s supply chain design,
Enterprise resource planning and Customer relationship management, CRM, as
stated below.




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According to some critics,Predictive analytics is
still only a way to guide business decisions via educated guesswork. Although
your business can make excellent decisions within the available data set, there
will always be factors outside your control.


evaluate the ethical and social Issues in Information Systems in Tesco.


There are challenges facing businesses in
this information systems age as data and information play a vital role in
success and failure of an organisation and Tesco is not exempted too. The
challenge emanate from the information itself. It bothers on information ethics.
They are on Confidentiality
and privacy including compliance with data protection Act, Copyright and
software protection, Contractual obligations and Information system and crime. There are two forces that threatens privacy (Copp, 2007).
On one hand is the growth of information
technology, with its enhanced capacity for surveillance, communication,
computation, storage, and retrieval. On the other hand, is a more insidious
threat, is the increased value of information in decision-making. Information
is increasingly valuable to decision makers and policy makers; they covet it
even if acquiring it invades another’s privacy( Culnan and
Williams 2009


UK No1 retailer Tesco has successfully
managed to make use of its customer’s databases and product entry on its
inventory stock. This customers profiling and history of purchasing products
started in the early 90’s when Tesco introduced their club cards. Tesco is
using effectively this information technology tool to collect and analyse
customer’s data like date of birth, age, name, address and household details
etc. Tesco has done a
great job building this database, and are using it in targeting customers with
relevant advertising, promotion and specific vouchers. However, there are still




Tesco has been
developing ideas for the new technology that is RFID, with a view to aligning
it to its underlying business strategy. RFID stands for “Radio Frequency
Identification” which is the simplest form the technology that provides
Tesco’s clothing line F the 
ability to tag and track items. However, the implications of this are
vast. For example, stock movements can be tracked; items in transit can be
monitored, therefore full visibility of all products in the company’s inventory
can be viewed at any time.

This technology has really helped
in total management of the supply chain as well as the product outlets with
least human support and an unbelievable speed.


RFID tagging is somewhat
controversial because the tags could theoretically be cloned or used for
illicit tracking


There are many Ethical Issues of RFID usage
First issues is Privacy, this issue is the most important one because it can
allow other persons violating the privacy of users of this technology by using
reader device for RFID. They can get all information of a user and use this
information in illegal way. Add to that, they can enter into prohibited areas.


The second issues is Radio Frequency
Identification harmful for human body, this can be done by tags injected under
the skin this will make our live in a dense field of electromagnetic waves. A
third issue is Government control of Radio Frequency Identification technology.
This technology will lead Government to track every movement of People. This
will decrease freedom of people by flowing their movement (Lockton et al.,


Other ethical and social issues are;


1. Hidden privacy and cookie policies
contained in the terms and conditions are misleading to the stakeholder

2. Artificial Intelligence, AI. – In implementing an AI,
Careers could be lost and slowly replaced by machines

Unethical trading with suppliers became a big issue for Tesco sometimes back
but some of its shareholders during some annual general meeting. Ever since
Tesco has adopted an accountable and higher standards in its dealings with
suppliers and farmers in low-wage countries.

Today, Tesco
is following the data protection act 1998 and are strongly committed to keep
that information private and should not sell to other third party.


strategies for data security and integrity

In the
retail world where Tesco is a big player, the technological landscape is
changing and so also is the risk. Key IT infrastructural failures has led to
loss of information causing regulatory and or financial penalties, ineffective
organisational operation, reputational damage and other other adverse consequences, including criminal penalties
and consequential litigation, adverse impact on our financial results or
unfavourable effects on ability to do business..

time causes of these IT systems failure is as a result of failure to build
in resilience capabilities at the time of investing in and implementing new
technology and failure to comply with
legal or regulatory requirements relating to data security or data privacy in
the course of our business activities.

The followings are my

in place governance processes around new system implementations, such as change
management controls.Technology
strategy to be aligned with overall group strategy.Need to constantly
evaluate investment in technology resilienceNeed for a greater
adoption of cloud computing technologies to further help resilience.Have a multi-year
data security governance and oversight plan in placeNeed to have a
Data Governance and Business Compliance Unit responsible for eyes on relevant regulations
and laws and data security policies for TescoIn case of cyber-attacks
there is a need for a third party penetration testing plans and constant
assessment of possible vulnerabilities.A compulsory IT
security incident training for all staff of Tesco.





In today’s retail environment
influenced both by shifting consumer behaviour at the retail level, as well as
the rapid rise of e-commerce, retailers must continue to stay on the cutting
edge of technological change which the increasing big data, predictive
analytics ,Artificial Intelligence provides.

Tesco has taken a
lead seat in this, but it must continue to grow by taking needs of its
customers while sourcing, sharing and storing
information, they need to consider legal issues, security, ethical issues.
Information system security is all about managing risks and considering the
causes and effects and costs of a breach in security.


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