Preamble US Constitution

In pursuit of a perfect union includes an increase of diversity, justice, and opportunities for everyone. During the time of the US Constitution’s design, some Americans were still in chains and considered property. Our society has created ways for all persons to pursue happiness without a sense of inadequacy by educating all races, religions, and creeds of equality. The dynamics of a strong economy outweigh the use of segregation between races and religions as well as genders.

Our nation is reasonable for creating an undisputable reputation where freedom is of greatness in its own right. These strides to a successful movement towards the Preamble have been accomplished by the presidents of America. We, the people, are utilizing our skills and minds together to create a better economy for everyone. You can view the changes by the legislative changes, bills passed, and equalities being nurtured for minorities.

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Our legal system figured and disfigured the writings of the Preamble to place its mission in motion for the betterment of mankind. As an example, the advancement of technology could not have happened if women did not have a say in design. Collective intelligence designated excellent skills to needed tasks – thus, we have a stronger technical background in our nation. The contemporary society of America strives for excellence in collective movements to a greater extent.

We appreciate the basis of equality because everyone has a chance to follow their intrinsic goals of self-actualization. Desegregation allowed African-Americans to excel in their academic backgrounds and it helped our economy grow. Women use their skills to increase efficiency in the workforce and build togetherness within their working environments. America is the voice for succeeding or excelling the barriers of life. We are responsible for the freedoms of man and we have used our abilities to become the ‘perfect union’ for all people here and globally.