PR campaign

PR is a strategic function of management aimed to create a solid reputation for the company, as well as to inform the target audience about the relevant issues that the company is facing. In our case, such a relevant issue appears to be security of online operation of Internet Company called Smith System Consulting. The latter specializes in
Design, Host, Develop, Database, Support, and Programming. The main current problem of the company, as it was already slightly mentioned, is security endangered. Considering the fact, that SSC is a virtual firm, it is especially vulnerable to the issue of security.

Since we are trying to resolve the problem, the concept of reactive PR is going to be used. It is important to explain the difference between the proactive and reactive PR. The former applies when there is a necessity to prevent the problem arising. In fact, the proactive PR should be used constantly. It is aimed to form a good reputation of the company and to sustain it. The reactive PR is used in response to some sort of problem that appeared in the company. It is used to solve this problem and to restore the reputation of the company. Reactive PR is a temporary measure. After that, the proactive PR should apply.

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The draft of the PR campaign is the following.

The aim of the PR campaign for SSC is to enhance security issue in the Internet operation and to restore the reputation of the company as a reliable provider of Internet services. The strategy of SSC is informing, educating, convincing.

Target audience:

  1. Existing and potential customers
  2. Law enforcement authorities
  3. Mass media (general interest, professional/business, scholarly)
  4. General public (students, PC users, system administrators, IT managers)


  1. Establishment of partner relations with  mass media. It is important since mass media has the most powerful influence upon’s society cognition. Mass media will be the primary channel of communication that will draw attention to the problem of security of online operation. The instruments to draw attention of mass media are press-conference dedicated to the security issue and press-releases (at least two a month during 6 months). Press-conference will generate additional informational ground and thus create necessary publicity, which will find its coverage in wide variety of mass media.
  2. Company’s participation in educational and informational programs with target audience. It is important to educate audience how to avoid possible threats while working on the internet. The best way to educate public is to hold a series of seminars discussing the problem of online security and ways to enhance it. This will also create publicity and will contribute to establishing an image of SSc as a responsible company that takes care of its customers and partners.
  3. SSC cooperation with governmental institutions in order to provide relevant preventive measures and enhance online transactions discipline.
  4. Initiating comments and interviews with SSC’s top-management for mass media. Such interviews are aimed to explain to general public the existing problems of security and to establish the image of SSC as socially responsible company to enhance good reputation.

The key messages that are to be delivered during this reactive PR campaign are:

  • Smith System Consulting is a company that takes care of its customers and partners.
  • The reputation of SSC is an important value for the company.
  • SSC is a socially responsible company, which aspires to prevent law breaking and Internet hacker.

The duration of PR campaign is 6 months.