The Power of Mass Media

The power of mass media was widely used during World War II in totalitarian states. Firstly it was used to increase production and to motivate people to do things they are expected to do. In Germany the power of mass media was used to unify the nation and to prepare people for actual battle against the world. Media aimed at convincing common people that hostility and anger towards other nations and countries over the restrictions imposed on Germany were the only way to show national pride.

So, totalitarian leaders make people participate further in war efforts. Next, in Soviet Union, the power of mass media was used to make people resist Nazi invasion. Moreover, mass media intensified the Cold War between communist and democratic countries after World War II. Mass media was efficient way to mobilize and legitimize support for expansionist policies.

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Actually, mass media assisted totalitarian leaders in taking overall control over the country during the war. During World War II the influence of mass media reached the pivotal point among the totalitarian countries. In China during war period mass media was used to seek sway over the public and to marrow their viewpoints. Summing up, referring to the power of mass media created so-called media war.