poverty in Zimbabwe. Poverty and
healthcare issues have prevented Africa from prospering as a country in ways
that can be detrimental.


Many issues are facing Zimbabwe since
independence and have been a challenge to the country because of its poor
economy (Taderera, Hendricks, &
Pillay, 2016). This country, like other African countries, lacks
specialized health professionals. In Zimbabwe, its health professional has
flown to other countries for better employment and working condition. The poor
government has been able to sustain their salaries. Another health issue
associated with poverty and low economic status is the use of traditional
healer who provides both spiritual and medicinal care (Maroyi,
The citizens also rely on herbal remedies in the treatment of minor ailments as
well as other serious illnesses such as psychological and psychiatric problems.
In 2000-2010, Zimbabwe was found to have fewer than two doctors for every
10,000 citizens by world health organization (Taderera,
Hendricks, & Pillay, 2016). According to a recent report, the
country is experiencing short of midwives rendering the position vacant for
many positions in the public sectors. This country has a poor environmental
condition regarding is healthcare since many of its citizens are dying of
cholera, malaria, and other hygiene-related diseases.

Environmental conditions

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 Regarding its environmental conditions, water
pollutions is a big issue whereby the state of water and its cleanliness is at
its lowest (Ngure et al., 2013). In Zimbabwe, water
has become life-threatening following the high rate of contamination from the industrial
works. Other diseases concerning the poor condition of water in this country
include typhoid, salmonella, giardiasis, cholera, and hepatitis infections.
Another devastating condition is the air pollution that has increased due to
poor waste management and industrial pollution. Currently, Zimbabwe is among
the developing countries hence the industrial operations 


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