Poverty in the US

There are real situations behind the mainstream segments of America which are left unattended. Coverage on the backstreets and alleys of the United States are being kept away from the limelight. The public seems to be uninterested in the actual stories and events surrounding those people who are living within and below the poverty line. Media accounts on the rich and the famous are always considered front news. People revel in the lifestyles of individuals who grace many cover magazines and television programs on the planet. Only the ways of movie stars, business entrepreneurs and moneymakers are being showcased for many to see and to follow.

There is a great danger creeping underneath the streets of the United States. Americans are too busy running their lives down the fast lane that many forget the issues of hunger and homelessness in their communities. “33 million Americans continue to live in households that did not have an adequate supply of food. Nearly one-third of these households contain adults or children who went hungry at some point in 2000” (Saddiqi, 2007). Social concerns within the society are often neglected. By today’s standards, people are accepting the notion that hardships will be a common occurrence in the lives of many.

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People are working relentlessly. Situations remain unsolved. Nobody bothers to find or share solutions to address the growing menace of the needy. Poverty is lurking from behind. Soon it will lead to the deterioration of the pillars of the community. “According to the US Census Bureau, 35. 9 million people live below the poverty line in America”(Saddiqi, 2007). People everywhere are held accountable, not merely for their actions, but also for their inactions in dealing with social concerns. Americans are driven to make lots of money. Most homes have free access to the network of getting rich.

The young generation is being taught to become greedy. Parents, teachers and the rest of the adult society are leading them towards acquiring big bucks. People are showing contempt for lack of resources. All they think about is how to keep earnings growing. As long as the gold comes in, comfort keeps individuals in place. People are always on the lookout for opportunities to reach the top and make their dreams come true. Their goals, however, are often related to monetary gains. Because of the poverty in the streets, many are working doubly hard to escape the threat of being poor.

Everybody finds the solution in gaining financial advantage and freedom. Little did they know that neglecting the poverty concern will never absolve them from the imminent danger of deterioration. As more and more Americans are being kept under poverty wraps, solutions to make lives a dream, will remain just as it is, a dream. Most citizens in a society never know the danger of the increasing statistics settling below the poverty line. As a large percentage of the country grows needy, there will be a total depletion of resources.

Poor members will consume a huge chunk of the resources if people are unable to find an end to this menace. In 2006, an average of 26. 7 million people used food stamps each month—about 1 million additional people per month compared to 2005” (http://www. bread. org/learn/hunger-basics/hunger-facts-domestic. html). People must answer the call of the poor. It will be a strain to the population if only a handful citizen is supporting the needs of their communities. Money, food, water and other basic needs will be easily devoured if production melts down. Americans should play a role against this issue to ease the burden of living in a struggling nation.

People will never sense their predicament until it is too late. By then, comfort will probably be of greater concern. “Individuals who fall below the poverty line often lack basic things like microwaves, clothes dryers, and computers. However, 91 percent of the families under the poverty line own a color TV, and 52 percent own a stereo. When it comes to food security, close to 90 percent of Americans below the poverty line have regular access to it, either through food stamps or food assistance programs like soup kitchens” (http://www. wisegeek. om/in-the-united-states-how-is-the-poverty-line-determined. htm).

America is proud of its world status. Millions if not thousands of immigrants from all over the world are dreaming of making it in the United States. As a melting pot, opportunities and chances are being pursued. Life is supposed to be comfortable. People are inspired by the hope symbolized by the Liberty Lady. Individuals everywhere only believe in the promise of the land of milk and honey. It should be that way. But for America to cement its place as an ideal place to live, it must address the poverty issue for good.

It is ironic that a country which spends billions of dollars in resolving poverty concerns around the world is itself slowly sinking in to the same predicament that it has been addressing for years. The United States plays a vital role in feeding different nationalities around the globe. It is instrumental in building houses for many homeless indigents. The nation gets involve on more than one occasion to replenish the funds of developing countries to support themselves. The American public is proud of what its government has achieved over the years.

But the battle continues nowadays. Sadly, the conflict is internal. America must not loose time to bring solution to the needs and difficulties of its people. “According to the Bread for the World Institute, 3. 5 percent of U. S. households experience hunger. Some people in these households frequently skip meals or eat too little, sometimes going without food for a whole day. 9. 6 million people, including 3 million children, live in these homes. (http://www. bread. org/hungerbasics/domestic. html). People have never been good in countering the issues of the poor.

If they are, the social issues of today have long been laid to rest. When the rate of unemployment and business growths hit a record low, analysts and observers are usually alarmed by such incident. It only shows that Americans rely heavily on money earning as an answer to the growing need for basic and material concerns. Financial institutions sure know where and when to hit it big. Individuals are always on a roll to get huge cash from every line of employment. It is the standard solution in solving crisis like poverty. Individuals go to work, and stay in the workplace for hours to earn lots of money.

Every need has been answered by finances. Food, bills, clothes and other material things are addressed by financial earnings. However, in spite of the presence of financial gains in business investments, the poverty problem sees no end. The United States has produced successful business people, industries and corporations for decades. But almost always, solutions to the poverty issue almost always hit a snag. It doesn’t take a genius to determine the contributing factor which can lead to the decay of the American society.

The government system may never actually see the deteriorating conditions of many communities because the entire citizenry are deep into thinking that finances are the prime answer to the social menace. More and more money are being thrown into the fray of keeping poverty out of the nation’s mainstream to no avail. “Market forces now dominate the lives of most of the world’s people, but rather than the predicted burst of growth and flowering of democracy, the result has been widespread economic crisis and social decay” (Hart-Landsberg, 1995).

Americans should redirect its sights to other factors which contribute to the growing social deterioration of the country. Because many individuals are earning big bucks without the assistance of a college degree, the young generation is intrigue by this development. It is certain that a large percentage of the population is venturing towards the idea of skipping education in pursuit of a career in earning money. People are inspired by successful individuals who made it to the top with only a primary or a high school education to their name.

It is true that many persons who skipped college education are earning more than their educated counterparts. It is also true that many drop-outs and uneducated people attained financial freedom and independence early than those highly-educated individuals. What is untrue is the belief that an education is often unnecessary to claim a place in the competitive world. Many successful people have only their moneymaking skills to support them when out there in the open. Once their luck and opportunities run out, they find themselves back to square one.

Uneducated people have no fall back. Yes, they have business to sustain their needs. But there are things which they need which only the school can provide. One of these is learning how to think. People can learn to go through life without an education. They do it on their own. But their mindsets are limited and stale. That is why many uneducated businessmen study self-help books and literature to compensate their lack of a formative learning process. The attainment of education is a way out of poverty. The line of thinking of the educated people is boundless.

Ideas and information are feeding their minds to work. A financially-challenged person can wade his way out of his dire situation through boundless data and figures running through his mind. There are a lot of individuals who grew up without a home and without parents but managed to succeed on their own armed only with a diploma. People must face it. The United States and the world for that matter are governed by the power of formal education. Lincoln has brilliant ideas but without a law degree, governing the American government might have been a distant role and function. Education matters.

It is inspiring to see poor parents who will find all means and ways necessary to allow their children get an education. Being uneducated themselves, they know the hardship of earning money without that diploma. And these parents will never allow their children to go through what they’ve undergone. People living below poverty line are blaming everybody but themselves for the predicament that they are into. Many sectors in the society may have a hand in their problems but it can never be ignored that they themselves are the biggest reason for being in the difficult situation that they got themselves into.

But it is not capitalism’s fault. In a revival of Malthusian thinking, it turns out that the poor are responsible for their own situation – overpopulation and defective cultures lead to environmental decay and the erosion of nation-states and the rule of law” (Hart-Landsberg, 1995). By ignoring the value of knowledge, uneducated people fell astray to other social problems that lurk in the streets. Drugs, for instance, has claimed numerous lives and wasted many more by neglecting duties and responsibilities in building lives.

With drugs, people drift to other worlds which left them sinking deeper into poverty. No guiding elements save them from the dangers of drug abuse. The school system might have lifted many youngsters from the streets but stubbornness prevailed. With a limited mind, these persons choose to escape reality through narcotics. Drug dependents are often seen in the streets living a beggar’s life. They ask for food. They request for alms. Without luck, they resort to other dangerous things without thinking. As long as they are able to support their needs and vices, their day is complete.

But drug addicts are not armed with ideas and information which can be helpful to make their lives worth living. It is a sad thing since attending school is the easiest way to make a difference. Instead, these people continue to languish in the cellar of poverty. Penniless, hungry and hopeless, they end up merely as nothing. Poverty can wreck lives. Numerous individuals settle problems with the bottle. Ending up drunk, they pass reality without a fight. They choose to escape the daily troubles by deadening their senses. Living in want, these people seem to care less and instead wallow in self-pity.

School might have made a difference in their lives had they attended one. But their time is just too valuable in the streets than getting themselves an education. They continue on their wayward ways and end up as losers throughout their entire lives. Again, it all happens because of the lack of education. Between education and making money, many are deceived to choose the later. The reason is simply because it is that earning money is too easy. With lots of cash, life can instantly be on the fast lane. With money, the basic needs are provide.

And then there is still some extra for some time at the bar or in the carnival or at the movies. Nobody thinks how long will that money can last. As soon as it all goes down the drain, it’s back to square one again. America is inviting many of its youth to follow the short route. It is common to hear numerous talented ball players joining the pros after graduating from high school. Agents influence the parents by showing the cold cash first. Being poor, unemployed and in need most of the time, it is an inviting gesture. And many join the bandwagon to become the next starts.

But not all are successful in venturing towards an unfamiliar ground. After a year or two, some gets injured and they stay on the sidelines. Teams often give them up since they are considered to be liabilities to their franchises. After the big splash, again, there is no fall back. Without a back-up plan, it is back to the poverty line. Education is not only stage or a level to pass through. It is a necessary process to turn lives drowned in poverty. Most often, it is not education that is the problem. It is the discipline that goes with the character that is the problem.

Individuals attend school only to give it up after a couple of semesters because there is no easy route. Everyone wants the comfortable road. There is no substitute for hard work. Everything must be sweated out. But it is just temporary in nature. Glorious days are just ahead if sacrifices are to be made. Living in poverty is a far deeper hardship which can last for a lifetime. People always believe in the richness and vastness of the opportunities in America. But one thing going against them is its lack of character.

More often, personalities are driven by rootless motives. Many people build successful careers only to fall apart years after. Business enterprises lord it over for decades then suddenly plunges down. Behind every progressive corporation lies a poverty problem. People work their way up to escape the painful reality of going to life without anything. They save and invest until they are able to gain access to a level of prosperity. Without a huge bank accounts and investments on all fronts, individuals tend to relax and enjoy the comforts of life more than they should be.

In other words, they overdo unnecessary things. Money is spent on luxury. Yacht and beautiful cars are purchased. A million dollar house if built. Cash is spent on wine and women on a nightly basis. The accounts plunge down. Sooner or later, the financial enterprise is gone. The United States is a melting pot. Different cultures thrive in this country. People have contrasting lifestyles. Immigrants who make it big in America usually use their money uncontrollably to compensate their lack of material things during their early years. In so doing, they did not only struggle.

They also courted the hardships brought about poverty. It is because of the material wants why most people fall prey to the poverty sinkhole. It is true that there are lots of individuals in America who are struggling to make ends meet. But there is also a greater percentage of the population who are living the life of a king. They can afford to live in luxury and comfort. Out of their lifestyles is the glaring waste of material things. “According to a 2004 study from the University of Arizona (UA) in Tucson), on average, American households waste 14 percent of their food purchases” (http://www. oodnavigator-usa. com/news/ng. asp? id=56376).

While many people are going hungry, lots of foods are being disposed improperly. Almost everyday, foods which can feed thousands of other people in other places are being thrown anywhere. “According to America’s Second Harvest, over 41 billion pounds of food have been wasted this year” (www. secondharvest. org). There is greed all over the country. People are saving up and fattening their back accounts for their selfish needs without regard for the wants of others.