Poultry or beef? Which meat is healthier for us to eat? Due to the importance that society today has put on our health due to health consequences and prices differences I am choosing to compare and contrast poultry and beef. Although many of us may think that chicken is so much healthier then beef, I will show to you that each of the meats have their own good and bad purposes in or healthy lifestyle habits. For me it all started about two years ago when my best friend was in the emergency room just about every night with terrible stomach pain and no doctor knew why.

He is a pretty health conscious person since he is a personal trainer and is always exercising. But it was still unknown on why he was in so much pain so often. Until one day a specialist asked him to make a food diary for one complete week of everything he was eating. And that was when we all realized he was eating too much red meat. This is when our eating habits changed for the good. We then begin to only eat ground turkey in place of ground beef, turkey bacon instead of pork, and switched steak for chicken.

This made such a difference for him by being able to stay out of the emergency room and also helped me to lose weight. But through my extensive research I have found out that cold cuts, bacon, and sausages made from turkey or chicken can contain just as much of the unhealthy ingredients as the other meats. Sometimes even the lower fat versions of the foods are often even higher in sodium then the regular varieties. If you compare lean ground turkey with lean ground beef you will find out they have the same amount of fat and calories.

But the ground beef has almost twice as much iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Although it varies from cut to cut, beef and pork tend to contain a greater percentage of heart healthy monosaturated fats than turkey or chicken. So if you are doing an overall comparison, chicken is the healthiest without skin of course. Red meat tends to be higher in saturated fat. Try to remember with chicken to go without the skin, stay away from the wings, and choose the learner breast. Keep in the back of your memory to always order our meat to be cooked well because chicken can carry the disease of E-Coli and beef can carry the disease of Salmonella. But if you decide you want it grilled, be aware that the grill marks are carcinogenic and over grilling any protein source creates heterocyclic amines which have been found to cause cancer. A good rule to go by when it comes to grilling is use a marinade to protect your meat. Here is an even better example to help you understand what I am trying to tell you. ** THE CHART IS BASED ON A SERVING SIZE OF 4OZ. TYPE & CUT OF MEATCALTOTAL FATSAT. FATCHOLESTEROL

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Chicken breast1602g1g93mg Turkey breast1601g0g74mg Chicken wings32922g6g95mg Chicken thigh1879g3g113mg Ground turkey1201g0g55mg Ground chicken23015g5g169mg Top sirloin steak28016g7g100mg Eye round steak2279g4g80mg Brisket steak38728g11g107mg Chuck steak29422g11g93mg TIP: Careful when buying ground chicken, if it doesn’t say anything on the package, there is a big chance that it contains chicken skin, thighs and all other parts of the chicken that are NOT lean. ? Source Cited http://gablesguaranteedfitness. com/199/199/ http://nutritiondiva. quickanddirtytips. com/chicken-versus-beef. aspx


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