Potential effects

Through education we will be able to have the opportunity to have better job. However, if the individual is educated he/ she will then have the chance to encourage their children to go to school.

Lack of education will lead the individual to be unemployed. This is because they might not have the right skills for the job.

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If more people are educated the risk to health will be reduce. This is because they will now have the idea about of the types of nutrition that will enable their body to free from illness. Also their children will be eating healthy food all the time. If a person is not educated he/ she will lack of nutrition because they will not be able to know about the types of health food. However, their health will be at risk in some way.

The subsequent needs will be that the people who are not educated will be needed medical treatment because of their health. As a result they will also need the nurses, doctors to give them some information about the type of health food their body will be required in order to be more health; by including pictures of food it can be easy for dose people who are not educated.


Lifestyle will give us the opportunity to choose the way we may want to live our life. However, if people have money and education they will them be able to control over their lives and make a decision about the way they may want live their lives.

Lack of money and education will lead the individual to poor nutrition and poor housing. This is because they might not have if they have educated they will them be able to be employed and earn a lot of money and by healthy food.

The influence on health will be if people have money they the risk of stress will be reduce and also they will have better house to live in. however, their children will free from obesity and dose other illness. Also if a person does not have enough money to buy healthy food, the little money they will have they will used it to junk food which will affect their health.

The subsequent needs will be if people choose to eat unhealthy, smoke cigarettes and drink they will then need people to give them advice concerning their health such as doctors and nurses. However, if these systems continue they will need more people to educated them and explain to them about the affect of the above.


The positive effect on housing is that when people have good house they tend to feel more comfortable. In addition, people will live peaceful and healthy life also they will have quiet area to read.

Poor housing can lead people to have low self-esteem and also to be stress. This is because people without house can find themselves in the street under the bridge which will cause damage to the individual physical and mental health. Also, if the house is over populated dose people who might be living in the house may feel uncomfortable this is because they might not have enough ventilation and that will make they to expose to illness.

The influence on health will be if people have good housing they will be free from cold other illness. In addition, dose people who those not have good housing will be suffering from cold, back pain and other health problem.

The subsequent needs will be that the people who those not have house may required medical treatment for their cold and flu and other illness. Also, they will then need help from social services and other government organisation to help them in housing problem.