Positive disposition in life

Nothing beats positive disposition in life. This is the belief I have imbibed upon realizing the things that my life went through for years. I have lived my life with so much passion and hard work on values I held in, as I may describe it. I have great experiences that backed me up and brought me where I am now. I am a single parent but fortunately I am not that financially challenged since I grew up with the zeal to work in any undertakings. In the State, I started to live a life of my own. Starting to feel life’s hardships, I became independent.

I never have shown an amount of desperation despite the difficulty. What I have shown was a new degree of maturity fitting for a decisive woman. From one surprise to another, I have shared good news to my family when I slowly railroaded myself to the thought of success. I did everything just to get myself and my family out from the scene of financial crisis. As young as 18, I already got my license as a part-time insurance agent. I once performed as a magician on stage and had a handful of part-time jobs, such as a tennis coach, a tutor and a CG editor in an animation project named “Dragon Blade”.

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Following a sincere contemplation and a deep conviction to serve, I entered the realm of volunteerism for three years in some clinics and hospitals; taking into consideration the definition itself, volunteerism is a form of social behavior deeply embedded in traditional social structures. From its definition I have come to know how beautiful and important volunteerism is. I came to realize that volunteerism plays a very significant role in our lives. It has molded me into what kind of person I am and will be.

I was strongly proactive to do more than volunteering in hospitals that is why I decided to become an EMT, unlike other pre-med students, just for me to be more exposed/out in the open to learn more on US health care system. Lucky enough, my EMT instructor approved me to skip the EMT Intermediate Level to advance directly to EMT – Adv Level. I still persisted to keep on my study on EMT in my pursuit to be a well-versed health care professional, though it seemed that I had a year off after the graduation. It has been my dream of becoming a medical doctor, and to discover the mystery about the profession.

Becoming an exceptional candidate for the medical career can make such dream come true. By just studying medicine, I know I will find the most important asset for all – the value of health and life. Therefore, health profession is not impractical. In fact, it touches our everyday lives. That is why we cannot do everything without medical professionals, because everything that pertains to our life is health. And the only way to keep at pace with health is to keep abreast with these health experts, the main reason I wanted to study medicine.

I know in any way possible that through this career, I can extend services to people who are in dire need. I would have wanted to fashion the end of this paper with happiness, but my story still goes on – until now it is still a continuous hope especially in accomplishing a medical profession. So instead, I will end by telling that through everything I have experienced, there is still a promise I must not let go, and wholeheartedly fulfilling it today and tomorrow – “to serve the people in desperate need”.