Positioning Brand



Toshiba brand
acquire high level of technology and innovation in its products and services
with top quality which allows customers experience a brand benefit in which
they feel modernized and updated according to trends and their needs. The brand
offerings prices are of high relevance in relation to the target market.
Toshiba is a global prominent brand. The brand is unique in its offerings and
most importantly the brand is highly experienced due to many years of operating
in electronics and technology field.



5.0 Plan of Action


In this section a
list of actions will be demonstrated in order for Toshiba brand nourishes with
a favorable positioning methods so it can be easily interpreted in the target
customer’s mind and also appear as an updated modernized brand that appeals to
customers interests.

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The first action
to be acquired by Toshiba brand is to operate according to the proactive market
orientation method to come up with a powerful value proposition for the brand. The
proactive market orientation indicates that the brand should focus on the
recent market trends, attain updated information from the target market and
also have a clear future scope to adapt to any change in the market. (Peter &
Donnelly, 2012)



Following proactive
market orientation method the brand should then emphasize on customer driven
innovation to attach and involve customers with the product or service of the
brand to generate empathy.


Two techniques of
market innovation will be represented for creating empathy to achieve a
positive brand image, brand recognition and brand loyalty.





Is the concept of
creating a product or service with the involvement of the target market. Involving
customers to participate in a creation of a product or service simply
demonstrates how the customer wants a specified offering should be designed and
acquire certain aspects. This creative concept will give a positive feedback to
the brand. (Ramaswamy, 2012)


For example, in
the making of the new Toshiba’s “satellite radius laptop”

The brand should involve
their customers in creating a new modified design for the laptop. This can be
monitored by the brand in which the brand can create a campaign in its website
stating that there is a new promotion for creating your own design of laptops
for the first time. The campaign can be named “NOW IT’S YOUR TURN” and the
offer can be limited for a specified time and also a limited amount of laptops
to be produced accordingly. By applying the mentioned co-creation marketing campaign
current customers, potential customers and other brand users will be highly
surprised with this innovative idea, as customers always tend to favor customization
according to their preference.


Guerrilla marketing:-


It’s a modernized
advertisement strategy that seeks to involve customers to be part of a memorable
experience. (Levinson, 2007)

The concept of
this activity creates high level of brand recognition and also creates empathy
as customers will be astonished by the creativity of the concept which will
make customers experience something out of the norm in an appreciative way.

Coca cola a
global brand with high value once introduced guerrilla marketing in a campaign called
“open happiness” in which the campaign resulted in an outstanding outcomes. Therefore,
the concept has been used before and it shows that it is effective and
favorable to implement.


For example,
Toshiba can adopt this strategy by creating a campaign called “FUTURE IS HERE”.
The campaign will be responsible for providing Toshiba’s home appliance
products for top GPA university graduates worldwide. The students with high GPA
will have to apply for the “FUTURE IS HERE” campaign at Toshiba’s website
posting their GPA grade and university details. 50 students will be selected
randomly and will be checked for authenticity. The lucky students will then be assembled
to attend the honoring ceremony held at Toshiba headquarters to receive a
reward medal and also various Toshiba products for free.

This example will
set a high level of brand value towards customers as the campaign will leave potential
young customers with an unforgettable experience full of love and prosperity. Accordingly,
the brand is focusing on its potential customers for the future and this impact
will currently and potentially increase the sales of the brand.


One indicator for
the mentioned activities to take be achieved and how it will result in favorable
way is brand loyalty.



Brand loyalty of Toshiba’s
brand will boost by attracting potential customers to buy Toshiba’s offerings
and gaining empathy from current customers by making them buy Toshiba’s
products without hesitation. Brand loyalty from customers will also lead to a
positive word of mouth towards the brand which will also help to introduce new
customers to the brand. Moreover, the brand will maintain a unique positive
image and therefore customers will then tend to believe any statement made by


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