Political Regime Between China and US

It is widely accepted that the political regime of a country has been developed and play a role of function to protect the nation. Likewise, there is no doubt that many countries try to make efficient government to suitable for regional, historical, political and economic condition and make a great effort to get the well-developed conduct of policy and spread it over town. In addition, the political decision affects to day-to-day business activities and a lot of financial portfolios directed to investment.

In addition, as the organizations can make better for their countries’ business and social circumstance through the political regime, they should equips the political system with precision. Similarly, China and the United states, which are immensely powerful nations, are becoming more open, exposing them to global market forces and increasing competition from abroad. In order to excel in economic growth, both countries’ governments try to make political decisions including more broad perspectives.

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However, it is sure that there are obvious differences between the political regime of China and the United States. This essay will analysis and explain the different political systems, which both countries have, and critically discuss the preference of the way to govern. First of all, China, which has an old traditional authority in Asia. The People’s Republic of China (PRC), that is another name of China today, is one of the most influential countries over the world with about 1. 3 billion people.

China is governed by the Communist Party of China which consists of a framework of a single-party socialist republic, and pursues the social market economy. Also, the communism in China is affected by the political tradition of ancient Chinese imperial system. The old imperial bureaucracy helps modern Chinese to make the government started on more efficient point to absorb interest than any other countries (King, F. J. , The United States and China Fourth Edition, 1979, p. p106-108). The Communist Party has the supreme political authority, which governs all states, laws and policies in China.

Since the communist party governed several states, the communist party became to rule all Chinese states in 1949. The Communist party is started from Marxism, however, after the Soviet union collapsed, the Chinese government opens the door in only market system (White & Stephen, Communism and Its Collapse, 2000, p. p41-52). As look at the structure of Chinese politics, The Chinese political regime can be divided to three basic sectors, which are national people’s congress, multiparty collaboration system in the Communist Party and the political negotiation system.

Each system takes part in the role of government separately and simultaneously (Wu, G. , Lansdowne, H. , Socialist China, Capitalist China: Social Tension and Political Adaptation Under Economic Globalization, p. p87-101). On the other hand, The United states have two-party system in the political regime. It means that there are two parties located in the political authority, which are the Republican and the Democratic parties, related to Liberalism. American political ideology is the liberalism.

According to Thomas Nagel, it is sure that almost all modern political theories state that a society must treat people equally and the quality is the most important factor to make better life and these ideologies are connected to the meaning of liberalism (King, D. , In the name of liberalism, 1999, p. p29-48). It supports to the extensive size of liberalism. Moreover, The United states stick to separation of legal, administrative, and judicial powers, and respect for independence of region by adopting state system. However, in the structural outlook, there is a huge overlap in the separated three powers.

That is, in the government of USA, there is a system to play a role to overlap of the administration, the legislative branch and the judicial branch. The United states, which is on the federal system, state the qualification that the main government system delegate to the federal government and the other authority should be retained by nation and 50 states. Like this, 50 states consist of the administration, the legislative body and the judicial body, and each body operate same as federal government (Mckay & David, American Politics and Society, 2005, p. p165-180).

On the other hand, China and the United states negotiated each other. Two countries compromises cooperative relations in the mid 1980s, however over time, nowadays two countries face conflicts because their political purpose is too much different and the United states interfere to the Chinese government too much. According to annual report to Congress on Chinese military capabilities, the relationship between China and USA become terrible because the United states sold military weapons to Taiwan, and it affects nervous military system against each other (Entous, A. , (2010, August 15), U. S. Sound alarm at china’s military build up (Online)). Nowadays, as business has been became developing over the world, business decision-maker focuses on doing international business. It is widely accepted that China and the United states are the most influential countries in the world, and many renowned companies already started business in both of countries for a long time (Ross, R. D. , Negotiating Cooperation The United States and China 1995, p. p2-16). Although these two countries have great advantages for doing business in each country, performing business in USA is better.

Firstly, in the United states, as the liberalism is based on the political regime in America, equal status of business objectives can be formed by the social circumstance. In addition, there is good environment to trade each business sectors together such as free competitive business in the US market. However, despite good environment to do business in USA is available in markets, the United states have bad political and economic tradition of interest group. The interest group usually presses the American government to accept the group’s business through law, and the lobby is sometimes used as inappropriate purpose (Maloney, W. Jordan, G. , Democracy and Interest Groups : Enhancing Participation? , 2007, p. p2-22). However, the pressure of capital such as lobby is definitely important in modern free market system and the negotiation of management in USA help business objectives to do well. In addition, although there is some problem to overcome the tradition of inflow forward to only bigger business objectives in America, if one have well-composed plan and special way to suitable for the free market system, it is sure that the business can be successful.

Likewise, it is the best advantage in the business of liberal countries that there is equal possibility to success for everyone. Secondly, the United states have the government separated three powers and then business decision-makers can manage their companies more efficiently. The United states consist of the administration, the legislative body and the judicial body in the whole part of USA. Under the administrative government to interfere in economic sectors, it is possible that activities of business in the economic sector can’t be animated. Furthermore, many business corporations can be the public nationalization.

In this circumstance, it can be hard to circulate private products to make profits in the market. Nowadays, as the United states were experiencing ageing population, it is certain that the administration have more power than another part of government systems. This is not to say that three parts of government gather their powers together. The separation of three powers is definitely certain and then various corporations can be free to trade, circulate, advertising products and so on. It is a reliable factor to make business more efficiently and economically. Finally, business in the United states is related to each systems of the states.

American federal system is a group of the governments of 50 states, and there are many different systems with each government of states. Usually, when the CEOs manage company in a country, they need to consider legislative customs and traditions of the country such as tariff and limitation of free trade to obtain better benefit efficiently. The formation composed of different the legislative branches in the United states have benefit to make business plan more efficiently.

Business always stands on various situations like the Global financial crisis, and should be treated by delicate way of decision making.  Doing business in the United states can be beneficial to focusing on each government of states. Moreover, planning the regime of business can be made to more beneficial for each states’ government and circumstance. This way to do business might lead to amazing success of business. In conclusion, the most influential two countries in the world, which are China and the United states, have very different the political regime. Although China and the United states are similar each market system, the both countries stand on opposite side each other in political system.

Chinese political regime is one-party system which is the communist party started from Marxism. However, as the globalization have beginning, China enforce a special government system blended Marxism and Liberalism. As with the political regime of the United states, American uses two main party systems and their political ideology was started from Liberalism which open the free market firstly. In the case doing business in China and the United states, both countries have advantages and disadvantages simultaneously. However, the American political system has more beneficial factors to suitable for success in business.

USA’s business management in the political regime is more personal. It is related to Liberalism which is the old ideology selected by the United states. Although there are many pressures of interest groups through Lobby included using money, it is given for all people equally to possibility of doing business in USA. Also, the separation of three powers makes business objectives trade more efficiently because there are no interventions of the administration, and the independence of each government in 50 states can be beneficial for planning and controlling business more financially.