Police trump, our current U.S. president stated “Please

Police officers should all have body cameras because it’s the number one way to prevent fatal accidents for both the suspect and the officer. In most incidents, when police have encounters where an african american ends up being shot and killed, or just brutally beaten by officers, they often say that they were protecting themselves from the suspect who was trying to inflict pain upon them. With police officers being equipped with body cameras, both the suspect and officer are less likely to using violence, and suspects can be detained easier without worrying about their safety. Also, it is better for cops to have body cameras on their uniforms because they behave better. “When we train police officers, we work on a similar notion, telling recruits to conduct themselves as if they’re being followed by a video camera 24/7, because we know that they – like most people – behave better when they believe they’re being watched.” According to George Dvorsky from gizmodo.com, he feels that if all police officers were to be equipped with body cameras, this would reduce the rate of police brutality towards the civilians, but also reducing the amount of violence being inflicted to the officers as well. “Body-worn cameras are increasingly being seen as a way to reduce police violence and assaults on officers. The general consensus out there—both among the public and police—is that body-worn surveillance technologies will make police more accountable, which should result in safer streets for everyone.” I agree with George Dvorsky because I feel that if all cops were equipped with body cameras, it would make it safer for the civilians being apprehended, but mostly the minorities. In most cases where there is someone being brutalized by police officers and the videos get on the internet, the videos are being recorded by other people in the area and never the officers themselves. When officers notice that they are being recorded, they often tell the person to stop recording and they threaten to arrest them as well. Donald trump, our current U.S. president stated “Please don’t be too nice,” Trump said, discussing the handling of suspects. “Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over?” he said by way of example. “You can take the hand away, OK?” As the president of the U.S. do you feel he should be speaking this way about detaining suspects? This is an unacceptable way to treat the tax paying citizens of the U.S..””Community policing” is an approach to law enforcement that uses community partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address public safety concerns, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.” The U.S. Department of Justice makes this seem as if the police officers are trying to solve crimes peacefully by building a “friendly bond” with the community, but instead they use brute force to apprehend people but mostly minorities. There are 16 recent cases of police using police brutality causing death upon the minorities. On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner was choked, and killed by Daniel Pantaleo and Justin Damico two NYPD police officers. In conclusion, police departments aren’t protecting and serving. They label minorities, african americans in particular as savages, but the cops are the savages in our eyes. They attack us for no reason, causing some to be fatally injured or killed by their malicious attempts to apprehend suspects using brute force. All in all, I feel that if all police officers were equipped with body cameras that there would be fewer reports of police brutality towards the minorities. If they were equipped with body cameras, there would  be actual footage of the apprehension going on and the kind of environment that they were in so that there was an injury or a murder, everyone can see what had actually happened.