Poirot that corridor after the train left Vincovci

Poirot had said that he needed to further talk with Mr. MacQueen with the information he now knows. Poirot had Mr. MacQueen come and talk. The American appeared promptly and Poirot started talking. Poirot had mentioned Ratchet’s identity. MacQueen now had interest. Poirot had earlier discovered that Mr. Ratchet was really Cassetti. Cassetti was the man had murdered a girl named Daisy Armstrong and thieving ransom items. MacQueen is raged by this because his father handled the armstrong case. He was so raged because Mrs. armstrong was a nice lady and she was just so heart broken. He said that such a man should not live he deserved to die. Poirot had said that MacQueen should be more likely to be a suspect because of his inordinate sorrow at his employer’s death. MacQueen said he couldn’t have killed Mr. Ratchett to save himself from the chair. “If I’m not being unduly curious, just how did you figure this out? Cassetti’s identity I mean.” (57).  Poirot had revealed that he found this out from a fragment of a note. Then Poirot had asked what else MacQueen did that night.MacQueen explained that after Poirot left that night he started talking with the english lady next door to his room. He then said that he had started chatting with an englishman across from his room. His name was Colonel Arbuthnot.  He told Poirot how they chatted till about two ‘o’clock then he had the conductor come in and make up his bed. Then he said he went outside in the corridor for a smoke and slept till morning. Poirot had asked which door MacQueen had left from. He said he had left the train by. He said that he left through the door by the dining-car.  Poirot had asked if the door was bolted and if he re-bolted the door. Macqueen said the door was bolted and he didn’t re-bolt it. “I want you, if you can, tell me if anyone passed along that corridor after the train left Vincovci up to the time you parted company for the night.” (59). He said the conductor passed by a couple of times and a woman did to but he couldn’t recall what woman. He did not see her return though. Mr. Poirot had asked Mcqueen if he smoked a pipe and Macqueen had said he does not. Poirot had then said goodbye to Mcqueen and went to talk to Ratchett’s valet.