Request for Proposal FORCE Corp. PM 598 Contracts and Procurement Table of Contents I. Company Overview3 II. Situational Analysis3 III. Scope of Work3 IV. Contractor Selection Criteria5 V. Budget6 VI. Process of Evaluation7 List of Suppliers8 FORCE Corp. Request for Proposal I. Company Overview FORCE Corp. founded back in 1950’s by business tycoons Waller and Dixon, is a leading construction company who’s scope of services include Conventional construction (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Additions/ Renovations and Land Development) as well as Construction Management and Building Maintenance.

Among the list of FORCE Corp.. accomplishments are Reliant Stadium (Houston, TX) The Sierra Facility( Cleveland, Oh) and Gates Towers (New York ,NY). FORCE Corp. is currently positioning itself to be among the power houses of the industry by expanding our project portfolio to include the development of our own Concrete production plant located in Wallerville TX, that will operate 10 hrs ad day seven days a week and produce 400 cubic yard of material per day .

This will allow us the privileged becoming a supplier, minimizing project costs for our Clients and making ourselves more marketable. II. Situational Analysis FORCE Corp. is acquisitioning environmental impact assessment proposals from reputable, Environmental Impact Assessment Contractors. The information contained below will provide prospective respondents with our Corporate history, a scope of work, as well as a description of the tasks to be performed by the selected contractor. All contractors that wish to be considered, FORCE Corp. s requesting a written proposal fulfills the points detailed in this RFP to be submitted no later than November1,2009. III. Scope of Work FORCE Construction is seeking an environmental engineering firm with a proven track record for excellence in identifying, predicting, and evaluating the biophysical and social effects that may arise in construction of new developments in an undeveloped area. The overall goal will be to understand implications of air and water quality that would be a result of cement production in the proposed area.

The Environmental Impact Assessment Contractor shall provide all labor, equipment, supervision, services, testing devices and each and every item of expense necessary for the execution of the Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment Report and Occupational Health Risk Assessment (OHRA) Report. Core activities may include, but not be limited to the following: • Identifying Existing Environmental Conditions. • Future without Construction Conditions • Future with Construction Impacts. • Impact on Air Quality. • Impact on Water Quality. Impact on Wildlife preservation. • Cumulative Impact. • Any Benefits that Result from Construction. • The Environmental Impact Assessment ( EIA )Contractor shall undertake the (EIA) in accordance with all current and relevant EPA requirements . • The EIA Contractor shall prepare EIA Report in accordance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) standards. • The format and content of the EIA Report shall be in accordance with EPA Code of Practice on Environmental Impact Assessment • The EIA Contractor shall provide a project execution plan and schedule. The EIA Contractor shall provide air emissions reports for both proposed equipment. • The EIA Contractor shall assist the Engineer FORCE Corp. in gaining final approval of the EIA. • The EIA Contractor may be required to visit the FORCE Corp. to make presentations before work commencement. • Visits to FORCE Corp. may be required to resolve issues to gain approvals in a timely manner. • In the event that further work is required by the approving Authority in order to meet EPA requirements, the EIA Contractor undertakes the work at no additional cost.

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All results should be of the unbiased nature and the contractor will report results to the truest nature no matter of the result. The relationship should be independent in nature so results are independent to the views of FORCE Corp. Certain core functions should be mutually agreed to by both parties in advance that will help form the foundation of the relationship. Other secondary functions will remain the primary oversight of the FORCE Construction development team. IV. Contractor Selection Criteria

Respondent will be required to include background information that will provide detail of qualifications. Contractor shall: • Provide an overview of your agency history. • Provide overview of your agency philosophy. • An in-depth list of your agency capabilities. • Describe what you consider to be your strongest competitive advantage. • As an agency what are you passionate about? • Describe the Research Approach for satisfying the objectives described above. • Describe the Competencies for Conduction this type of research. Include references with examples of like studies. Identify the credentials of the proposed project team that would be working directly with the FORCE Construction. • What is your firm’s process for choosing members on an account team? All respondents are to ensure that there are no competitive client conflicts in existence prior to submission. V. Budget The Construction budget for fiscal year 2009 will be structured at the discretion of FORCE Corp. upon agency selection. A representative budget range for core activities would be approximately $500,000 – 750,000/month. Respondents will be required to define the following: Outline how your firm handles client work from a pricing perspective? • Outline the basis for billing i. e. Time and Materials/Lump Sum. • Provide a brief overview of your approach to project scope, project management and expenses. • Provide hourly rates for the various team members you anticipate utilizing to support this account. • What is your mark-up for project managing other service vendors and/or for out-of-pocket expenses? VI. Process of Evaluation To be considered, agencies must submit their proposal no later than 3:00 p. . on November 1, 2009. Late proposals and proposals delivered by facsimile will not be accepted. ) FORCE Corp. will start reviewing submitted proposals on November 2, 2009 and will concluded on November 9, 2009 . Contractors selected to proceed to the next round of reviews(In-person pitches) will be notified by November 12,2009, In- person pitches will take place November 18-21,2009. The selected contractor will be notified on November 23, 2009 and the Kick-off meeting will take place December 1,2009 MILESTONES :

Oct 19: RFP document distributed to contractors Nov 1: Completed RFPs due by 3:00 CT Nov12: Notify agencies on whether or not they advances to the next round of the review Nov 18-21: Final team presentations ( In-person pitches) Nov 23: Agencies notified of final selection & contracts exchanged Dec 1: Kick off meetings and start date for new agency List of Suppliers All suppliers chosen were so because of their specialization in the field of Environmental research, particularly in the field of Environmental assessments.

Subsequently due to budgeting and timing constraints it was important that firms chosen to participate in the bidding process were primarily based in the continental United States. List of suppliers are as followed: CSA Materials Research 7200 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, MD. 20814 Fugro Earch Data, Inc. 6100 Hillcroft Houston, TX 77081 Merebrook Consulting 5540 Falmouth Richmond, VA 23230 SNES Consultants 103 Donner Dr. Oak Ridge TN 37850 Environmental Resource Management 15810 Park 10 Place Ste. 300 Houston, TX 77084


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