Plagiarism fail to give a reference or acknowledge

is increasingly becoming a more significant issue in colleges nowadays. It
destroys creative thinking of a person and needs to be tackled with conscious
efforts from colleges and students. Plagiarism is a fraudulent act in which you
use another person’s work and fail to give a reference or acknowledge them. It
is ethically wrong, illegal and defiles the academic code of conduct, affecting
the student’s reputation and performance. 
In colleges, plagiarism can occur because students fear to fail or due
to poor time management, thus, they are unable to conduct research efficiently.


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think the first thing we can do create more awareness among students about how
it will stem the growth of ideas that will help you in the future. I believe it
is essential to find the people who are plagiarizing and give them necessary
help to deter them from further plagiarism. There could be many reasons why
they resort to shortcuts since they are probably not confident in producing
efficient papers. Opening up support centers to assist students who are tempted
to plagiarize writings frequently, help them remove their deficiencies.

is also essential to include proper citation in any work that you use in
academic writing which acknowledges the author. When taking a phrase written by
a different author, it is necessary to cite that sentence correctly.  When you use a quote directly from the
source, using quotation marks is vital, as it will indicate that, it is not
your original words. Students should be keen when conducting research and
ensure they note correct information and correctly show the sources used to
prevent citing works wrongly. Rewriting contents in your own words and having
enough time to do your academic work will significantly prevent plagiarism (VanNest, 2015).


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