1. In your own words, what do you want to write about? I would like to write about breed specific legislation with emphasis on American pitbull terriers. I want to try to make people aware of all the hate and bad judgment in the media and the myths behind the breed. I want to tell people that the breed is not as vicious as portrayed, that not all pitbull owners are dog fighters and shed a more positive light on this breed. 2. What will be your main point? My main point will be that American pitbull terriers are not aggressive towards other animals or people if cared for, loved and raised properly by responsible owners.

Plain and simply put that’s the basis behind this paper. 3. What information will be included in the introduction? I would like to start out by talking about the American pitbull terrier and its breed, maybe describe the stature, its traits some actual details about the dog itself. Colorings, body weights, behavioral traits, etc. 4. List 3-4 supporting topics that you think will be effective for your argument? (What ideas, categories, examples will be used to support your thesis? ) -The history behind the breed.

The induction into kennel clubs, famous landmarks for the breeds history. -The myths behind the American pitbull terrier and putting those myths to rest with real proven facts and research conducted by professionals and scientists. -Various laws set forth denying the breed to be in certain jurisdictions and statistics on the bite rate, euthanization rate, dog fighting rings etc. Bad media attention. -The features of a pitbull terrier their loyalty, companionship, and the strong desire to make their owners happy.

The good they have done in the community like bomb sniffing dogs, the image from World War 2, the little rascals, holistic healing, community outreach, jail training programs etc. 5. What will be the best sources, for this topic? What key words will you use for your research? Will you interview or survey people? Will you rely on personal experience? Any pitbull related books that I own, or magazine article, newspaper articles, reports online and statistics. I am also going to contact some people I know at pitbull rescue organizations, pitbull 6.

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How will each sub-topic be linked together so that your essay flows in a direct and focused manner? Is a “straight-forward” essay format appropriate, or should you break the content into sub-chapters? I think I’m going to break this all down into subchapters. On subject at a time, I will try my best to organize the paragraphs to flow one right into the other. For example I will end one paragraph talking about pitbull personality traits and that they are loyal and great family pets and love children and go right into the next subject or myths behind pitbulls and say exactly why the myths are exactly that, myths.


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